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After a month of anticipation, we were finally able to try the new YSL Kiss & Blush Duo Sticks! Currently, there is already a Baby Doll Kiss & Blush which comes in a bottle similar to a nail polish however, they can be quite clumsy to carry around and this new duo stick could be a slightly more convenient alternative for those who are on the go.


So these duo sticks are apparently inspired by the original blush and cheek and comes in a small twist tube. Being a duo stick, it comes with two colours; one which is slightly lighter than the other and can be used singly or blurred together on the lips or cheeks which is versatile for when you want to play up your look or tone down your look. Currently, it comes in six colours with a variation of pinks, oranges and darker berry toned reds. At first, we were a bit scared of these sticks as with the Kiss & Blush, they were super pigmented and a little goes a LONG way. However, we discovered that these were quite pigmented but in a smoother manner so you wouldn’t get a huge block of colour right there on your cheeks and were super blend-able!


To have a more natural look, using just a dab of it and blending it out gives you the nicest flush! The texture of this duo stick is similar to that of the Kiss & Blush that when applied on the lips, it had quite a powdery feel to it and was definitely matte. On the cheeks, it wasn’t greasy or too creamy either and worked quite well. We would say to definitely try with a little first and work your way up as it is quite a strongly pigmented product and also quite build-able. We wouldn’t recommend this product if your lips or skin are fairly dry as this product does have a more matte finish and can be quite drying especially on the lips.


What we did love about this product, was unlike the first Kiss & Blush, as it was a more liquid form, this one being a stick was able to give you a more natural flush while with the liquid form, it could easily be overdone and look like a layer on top of your skin. We also found that this product is A LOT less messier than the liquid form which can tend to get all over our clothes, bags, etc if we didn’t clean it off properly! So we are definitely quite happy about that!


All in all, we would say this product is definitely worth trying out and playing around with as it can be quite fun to create different looks! We also definitely love the size of this as it is SO compact and easy to carry around in your purse or makeup bag and great for those little touchups during the day!

Have you guys tried this product yet?? Let us know what you think in the comments below! And if you guys haven’t yet, please feel free to check out our previous posts below!

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