NIKE | Air Vapormax | Kiss My Airs

With new releases being launched basically every week it is really hard to keep up with basically anything. But even if you are all over the place with new products popping up every few seconds it is nearly impossible to miss these; the Nike Air Vapormax.

Lets not even get started on the hype.

P.S Yes that is G-Dragon holding the Vapormax in the image above.


This product was highly publicized with some of the biggest artists endorsing it. One of our favourites is G-Dragon who was also spotted wearing the Vetements x Reebok Instapump Fury which you can see here. So with him endorsing a product you know it is going to be BOMB. The Vapormax is meant to represent a whole new era of Nike which is why they opted for an air cushion based system which provides optimal protection whilst being lightweight.

In one sentence you are suppose to feel like you are running on air.

Now if you are interested in getting a pair of these, you might have to wait a while as it is completely sold out on the few websites that we have checked. Additionally these reportedly sold out in less than a minute in South Korea (that’s G-Dragon for you) so even if you didn’t get your hands on a pair, it’s okay, the competition was tough. So the next time your closest Nike stockist stocks these, make sure to quickly get your hands on them.


Alright, this is all we have for now. So if you did manage to get your hands on a pair please do let us know your opinions on it.

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