STILA | Heaven’s Hue Highlighter

Hello everyone,

Today we have another ‘stila’ product to share with you all and it is their Heaven’s Hue Highlighter. Now we’re just going to say it, this is nothing like what we have ever seen before, it is so strange but so satisfying and the result definitely left us speechless. If you are interested in knowing a little bit more on the product and our opinions on it please keep reading.

First of all we definitely have to talk about the texture. When you first look at it it seems like your everyday cream based highlighter or even just a normal powder based highlighter, depending on what light you are under. BUT, the moment you lay your fingers on it, it is a whole new experience. It isn’t a cushion but it is bouncy, it isn’t a cream but it melts right into your skin so all in all it is nothing we have ever experienced.

Trust us, the first time we laid our fingers on it, it was surreal.


The highlighter comes in three shades, Transcendence which is described as an opalescent pink but we think it can also pass off lilac; Kitten, which is one of stila’s most iconic colours (they have the exact shade in their ‘Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow) and Bronze which provides a beautiful sun-kissed glow to your skin. We actually only got the Transcendence and Kitten shade because for us the bronze one would be of no use and we actually think that these apply on better with your fingers so if you wish to use it as a bronzer it might be a bit difficult to apply, but that might just be our opinion.

Originally we were only going to get Transcendence because come on, as if that doesn’t grab your attention but after playing around a bit we realised that when you combine Transcendence with Kitten, the result is phenomenal. Transcendence on its own is a bit too pink/ purple toned for our liking whilst Kitten actually looks a little orange like on us (even though it is pink) so when we mixed it we got this perfect balance between the two and it looks a lot more natural. However if you do like your highlighters to be more on the obvious side than you can definitely wear these alone.


Pigmentation wise we are very happy with what we are getting, but we need to clarify that we use our fingers for this product so depending on what tool you use to apply this, the results may differ. If you feel like the shine isn’t as intense as you would like it to be, you can easily build it up and because of this funky texture, it doesn’t feel heavy or clogging at all. In fact, you don’t even feel anything. Sometimes we would go out and completely forget we even have anything on and when we go to touch up we will see it and be full like “OH!! Totally forgot you were there”.

This highlighter brings a sea of joy every time you apply it and the staying power is actually very good especially if you set your makeup, it hardly budged on us so hopefully it will stay on for the rest of you as well.

Alright, this is all we have for now. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to comment below or if you simply just want to share with us your experiences then please do as we would LOVE to know!!!!!!!

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