STILA | Matte ‘n Metal Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys,

Today we have something NEW for you all and we are super excited because this is the first time we have ever mentioned ‘stila’ on our blog. Stila has definitely made a name for itself in the makeup beauty world so instead of talking about their cult products we thought we will start off with their new releases.

The product we are going to start off with is their new Matte ‘n Metal Eyeshadow Palette. Now this palette is more on the warm side with just a few cooler tones so personally we think that it is quite easy to wear. There are 12 shades altogether and as you probably guessed from the name, there is a mixture of 6 matte shades and 6 metallic shades. They have kind of created 3 colour schemes so if you don’t want to think too much you can just choose which ever theme suits your outfit more and just go with it, BUT you can also spice things up and mix and match. Personally we like to mix and match not just within the palette but with other ones too.

P.S. It isn’t this bright IRL.


Now the thing about this palette is that all the colours are very versatile, but with that being said they are also very conventional in the sense that you can find these colours in just about any palette. But just because you can find the shades doesn’t mean it is good and that is what we think differs this palette from other ones. With matte shades it is easier to find one that gives a good colour payoff as well as lasting power and preferably not too many fall outs but from our experience it is normally the metallic shades that causes problem.

Most metallic shades look very pretty in the packaging but once you transfer it onto a brush and then onto your lids, the colour somehow loses integrity and your just left with this huge sense of disappointment. The result may be not metallic enough or the colour just somehow doesn’t apply onto your lids at all and you end up having to do a million layers of it and most of it ends up under your eye on that foundation base that you spent so long perfecting. BUT with this palette you don’t have to worry about any of those things mentioned above. The colour payoff is insane and there is a bit of fall out with the metallic colours but that is all forgiven once you see how gorgeous it looks on your lids.


The formula isn’t chalky and for a palette with this much pigmentation, it is actually quite moist, we wouldn’t say creamy but it blends out as easily as a cream based shadow. Now if you were considering on purchasing one palette to use on the regular then this one definitely should be considered as there is a perfect balance between the shades. Additionally you can easily switch up your look depending on how you combine the shades so you don’t look like your always rocking the same look or anything.

Out of all the palettes we have bought so far this year, this one is definitely one of our happiest purchases. It has approximately been a week since we’ve gotten it and it is on our lids everyday whether it is worn alone or with another palette, it is there.

Alrighty, this is all we have for now, we really hope you will go and see the palette in real life and share with us your opinions on it. We hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you did, please feel free to check out our previous posts below!


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