IRO | Fall 2017 RTW

With all the new releases going on it is really hard for a certain brand to stand their ground and more often than not viewers generally only like one or two pieces in an entire collection. However with the new 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection from IRO, we found ourselves liking basically the entire collection. Generally when we post an entire seasonal collection or if we write about one, we are loving at least 80% of the collection and trust me, choosing which photos to post is the hardest job.

For this collection, IRO had a very neutral colour palette going on for majority of the outfits. The main theme revolved around black, gray, white, taupe and burgundy colour schemes whilst adding a pop of colour with the accessories. Whether it be the design, the material used or the colour choices, every piece from the collection is very wearable and is actually perfect for the fall season. Personally if we had to choose just one look from the entire collection it would be the following two.



We honestly don’t think the first outfit needs any explaining, the white knitted sweater along with the denim jeans and ankle boots screams comfort. But with the little additional features here and there, the outfit doesn’t seem too boring either so the balance is just right. The second outfit may not be the comfiest of them all and your legs will suffer if the wind picks up, but nonetheless the jacket itself will make up for anything.

Below are some of the other looks that we really liked and yes we posted nearly every look that involved a denim piece, but we love our denim if you don’t know yet (and there really wasn’t that many to begin with.)





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