GIVENCHY | Prisme Libre Travel Mat-finish & Enhanced Radiance Loose Powder

Wow, now isn’t that heading a mouthful.

It wasn’t until late last year did we really start getting into the whole ‘setting your makeup’ regime. Yes, we know that itself is like a major sin but we used to only set when we head a long day ahead or if it was just really hot. However now it has become a mandatory step every morning and with that comes a lot more expenses. We started by collecting some of the iconic loose powders or setting sprays in the market but somehow we managed to get tired of them all so the next brand on our list was Givenchy.

When it comes to Givenchy loose powders, the most well known is definitely the Prisme Libre is N 1 Mousseline Pastel so originally we were going to purchase that, however they released a travel friendly version and this just made the whole decision so much harder. This newer release combines all four shades of the colour correcting Mousseline Pastel so you still get that luminous matte finish as you do with the original. Additionally it now comes with a puff which is our opinion is a lot more convenient to apply with and the size is actually perfect for on the go purposes. Another factor is because this product is already premixed you get a nice even combination of the four shades and it is a lot cleaner.


For those who have tried the original Prisme Libre then you already know what the texture is like but for those who haven’t this product is literally luxury in a case. The moment you apply it on your skin just magically evens out, not just the skin discolourations but even the texture. It isn’t heavy like a lot of other powders but it does a better job than most other ones on the market. Even though this product is already quite hyped we still believe that it deserves more credit (if that is even possible.)

If you already have the original and you wanted one for on the go fix ups then this is a good investment but you have to remember that this doesn’t have any colour to it so you still might need to bring a bb cushion or something. For those who are interested in the Prisme Libre but are also now torn on this newer version then you have it tough. The Travel mat-finish is convenient for on the go purposes so if you are someone who gets oily throughout the day and need to regularly fix your makeup then this is definitely the way to go but if not we still recommend the original version. Even though it is messier and it isn’t premixed, it is a nicer packaging to worth with when you’re applying your makeup at home and personally we feel like you have more control over the amount of product you’re using. Additionally, it is a lot more hygienic.

Okay we honestly don’t know if this post helped you but this is our genuine opinion on this product (and in comparison tot he original.) We hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you did, please feel free to check out our previous posts below!

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SEPHORA | Prisme Libre original

SEPHORA | Travel Mat-finish version