CHANEL | Énergies et Puretés Blush Duo Tweed Effect

Hey guys,

Today we will be looking at the gorgeous new blush duo’s released by Chanel as part of the recently released Énergies et Puretés collection. The collection is said to be inspired by the harmony of opposites so it goes back and forth between energy and purity, and tradition and modernity. We quite like the theme of it as it means that you can most likely wear the shades on a daily basis but still have the option of adding a pop of colour when needed. When we first saw the collection in real life, the only product that grabbed our attention was the blush duo’s so we thought that our first post from this collection should be dedicated to that.


From what we can remember, this is the first time Chanel has brought out a tweed effect in their makeup line and we are loving it. It is inspired by Chanel’s iconic tweed fabric so the blush is woven with a shimmering powder allowing the blush to also give you a radiant look when applied. Both the shades are a limited edition product so definitely get your hands on them quickly if you are interested.

Personally we have always been HUGE fans of Chanel blushes (as we are with nearly all of their products) but to be completely honest, it does get boring after while so this new design really freshens up the entire look and concept of the blush. Now we still love the packaging of the Joues Contraste but this was a nice change and the rectangular design of the blush is a bit more practical as opposed to the round shape.


The blush comes in two shades, 100 Tweed Coralline and 110 Tweed Cherry Blossom. Both of the shades are quite soft when you apply it, so they are very nicely pigmented. Even with one swipe the colour is already quite rich but in a very soft manner so when we applied it we can only say that it is lovely. Weird way to describe it we know but along with the soft radiance it gives your cheek, it makes your overall look seem very fresh and awake but in a gentle manner.

This product was the first one that caught our eyes and it is actually the item we like the most from this collection. If you haven’t yet seen this we highly recommend you to do so before it runs out. From the design to the colour combinations and the colour payoff, everything about it is perfect and we would hate for anyone to miss seeing this in real life. So if you haven’t, hurry up!!!

Alright now this is all for now, we hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you did, please feel free to check out our previous posts below!


POST | GIVENCHY | New Rouge Interdit 2017



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Chanel Énergies et Puretés



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