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So today we thought we would do a post on a brand that we actually have never mentioned before! Usually, when it comes to lipsticks and lip products, this brand never really comes to our mind for some reason. However, we just happened upon the new GIRL lip stylos collection from Hourglass and decided to try them!

What we love though, is that this collection embodies the idea of girl power and each lipstick is named a different quality such as activist, idealist, vsionary, etc.


So, this lipstick collection comes in a crayon type of tube but applies on soooo smoothly and creamy. The actual lipstick when applied on, is exactly as the colour of the tube which actually shocked us as we thought as it was so moisturising in texture, it would give a really sheer application. What we love about the colours though, is that even though the colours apply just like the actual shade of the lipstick, it’s still quite soft so it doesn’t seem too harsh around the edges!


So these lipsticks actually contain a blend of shea butter, jojoba, mimosa and sunflower seed which makes the formula so soft and creamy when applied on and really hydrates the lips. Also, we found that these lipsticks have GREAT staying power. We actually did a swatch of one of the reds in the collection and even after having a shower, the swatch had not budged off our hand!



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