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Hello lovelies,

Once again we have CHANEL IN THE HOUSE WITH ANOTHER SMASHING COLLECTION!!!!!! Hopefully that line just then showed you guys just how much we are loving this new release. When we first saw the ad on the Chanel website we were pretty much just drawn to the products because of Lily-Rose Depp but we weren’t exactly keen on getting them for ourselves. BUT we have completely changed our minds!!


First off, the colours are to die for!!!!! The collection had a very versatile range of shades so you can definitely find something suitable for you. When you first see the glosses you may think that the colour is too light or too bright but you should still give it a try because if you only apply one layer then it isn’t too opaque. However if you did want a richer colour then no worries, just another layer will do the trick. For a gloss the colour is very rich but not too overpowering either so that it still maintains the classic gloss vibe. This range is definitely one of the most pigmented glosses we’ve ever tried. The final look is essentially a glossier version of the Rouge Coco Stylo which you can read about here –> Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo Lipshine


Now despite the colour payoff being absolutely stunning the main factor that really made us fall in love with these is the texture and how it feels on. With most glosses, the finish is tacky, sticky and just not too comfortable, especially if you have your hair flying in your face and a few strands just stick there to your lips. But these glosses don’t have that finish at all. The moment you apply it you will feel that they are different to normal glosses being that they are a lot smoother to apply, without it clumping or streaking (like some glosses); and after just about a minute the stickiness is gone. Your lips feel hydrated and it doesn’t have that heavy or thick feeling you get with some glosses. The feel is very light, almost like a balm and even after you remove it your lips look and feel so much plumper.


Additionally, another fun fact is that they have actually changed the brushes!!! They really just keep surprising us. Normally they’re shaped like a rounded q-tip, you know the classic gloss applicators that you can see everywhere, but these have a rounder and bigger tip so when you apply it they hug your lips better. It’s hard to explain but the moment you try it on you will understand what we mean. Perhaps due to the larger tip, the overall application process runs a lot smoother, not sure but the important thing is that we love it.

It has been a long time since we’ve tried a new product and have found no flaws in it and we couldn’t have been happier with it being a Chanel product. If you can get your hands on these, PLEASE do so. They are gorgeous regardless if you wear them on their own or on top of other products so please go out and give these a go (even if you’re not a fan of glosses.)

Alright now what do you guys think? Do you love it as much as we do? If you do please share it with us as we would LOVE to know and if you don’t please also share with us your opinion.

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Chanel | Rouge Coco Gloss 




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