MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

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Today we are one again adding another brand onto our blog. Now we seriously thought that we have written about this brand before but somehow it completely went under the radar. We don’t think MAC needs any explaining or even introducing so we will just get right into it.

MAC lipsticks has always been one of their most staple makeup products which is why today we are going to talk about their Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours. Even from first glance the colours are gorgeous. Now MAC aren’t strangers to nude lipsticks so before we even saw these in real life we already knew that the colours were going to be stunning, and we were right. (Thank goodness.) The only thing we were worried about was the texture, colour payout and the lasting power.

Firstly, the pigmentation is quite impressive with majority of the colours having a very smooth and even application. However some colours, especially the darker ones had a bit of streakiness in it but it wasn’t something that couldn’t be covered by another layer. The shades were all on the colder side of thing, at least that’s what it looked like when we applied them so some weren’t very flattering on especially with our skin tone. Therefore the shades we preferred are the ones on the safer side such as Lady Be Good, Topped with Brandy, Carnivorous and High Drama. Formula wise they actually differed from one colour to another so with come nudes, the formula was a lot wetter so it was easier to apply on the lips but with others especially the more plum toned ones we found that the formula was thicker and didn’t feel as nice to apply. Additionally after a while your lips start to feel really dry and the lines and cracks (if you have any) start to become really visible and overall, it wasn’t a cute look but we found that if you moisturised them beforehand you can actually avoid this so it honestly isn’t a big deal.

Now of the other key factors for this lipstick is the lasting power. The MAC website claims that it stays on for eight hours but we all know by now that most lipsticks don’t live up to those claims. However, these ones stayed on like GLUE!!!!! We were so shook! Basically once you’re done applying your whole lip it is already too late to wipe it off. You can get the last coat off but it still stayed on and if you try rubbing off with a tissue, 80% of the product still remained. JUST EXCELLENT!!! WHY CAN’T THEY MAKE THIS FOR ALL LIPSTICKS?! You actually don’t have to reapply except for when you eat so that you want to fix it up a bit.

Overall the lipstick is nice but from our point of view, it isn’t something we will reach for very often. But to be honest we aren’t big fans of the overly drying, matte liquid lipsticks simply because we can’t stand our lips feeling dry. Now we love the look but we just can’t pull it off which is actually quite a shame. We will probably only ever wear these when we’re feeling really the vibe or perhaps after a while when we’ve forgotten how drying these are. BUT just based off the staying power of the lipstick everyone should give it a try!!

Alright, now that is all for now. What did you guys think about the Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours?

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