CHANEL | Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur

Hey guys,

It seems not long ago when we were introduced to Chanel’s Rouge Allure Ink range and now they are back with an entire new collection called Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur. The collection consists of 11 shades with 2 limited edition shades. For us Chanel is definitely the holy grail of all make up (along with a couple of other brands) so whenever they have a new release, we are always so pumped to try them out and this one was of no difference.

When we first saw the colour choices we were actually quite pleased with the range as they had nudes, pinks, reds and purples so they covered quite a wide range. For us we chose Beige Rose, Rouge and Cassis because these were the shades that reached out to us from the very beginning and they were so much prettier in real life. The colour payout is exactly the same as it appears on the crayon which is very nice and when you apply it, there is only a little change according to your natural lip colour.


We were pleased so far.

However the problem came once we started applying it.

The consistency is thicker than that of a regular Rouge Allure lipstick and because it is a smoother and softer formula, it filled in the lines on your lips a lot more, so with the lighter and darker shades, the cracks and lines on your lips are a lot more noticeable. Now we thought that we would give it another chance and see its lasting power. When first applied, the colour is definitely full-coverage however after approximately one hour, the colour started fading into more of an ombre look which was very pretty and it didn’t at all look like old lipstick left on your lips which was quite nice. But after another hour, the colour was completely gone. Now we did not eat or drink anything during this time so the lasting power is that of a normal lipstick, nothing too special about it. But after the colour had completely faded, our lips did feel a little dry which came as a surprise as it was very moisturising when first applied.


Design wise, we quite liked it as it was very convenient to use but to be completely honest it was a very typical design as it was just a twist-up retractable design. But then again, how else can you design a lipstick.

Overall we weren’t impressed nor were we disappointed with the lipstick. Personally we reckon that it was because we had such high expectations for the product so the expectations fell a bit short.

Alright, now that is all for today. What did you guys think about Chanel’s newest makeup addition, was it a hit or a miss for you? Share your opinions below!!

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