DIOR | Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced

Hey guys!

So today’s post is going to be on the newly released Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced! When we first happened upon the new Dreamskin Advanced, we weren’t sure what to expect because as much as we tried to love the previous Dreamskin skin creator, we just couldn’t. We found the formula really tacky and hard to use as a base for foundation as it made the skin texture really hard to apply foundation to. However, we were completely shocked by how great this new formula is! So if you aren’t familiar with the Dior Dreamskin, it’s a part of their skincare range to be used as a last step after your moisturiser which minimalises the appearance of pores, blemishes and redness in your skin which we usually use as a makeup base.


So this advanced formula, is actually GODLIKE!!! It actually brightens your skin and acts as a perfect base for your foundation. We found that the finish in this one is smoother and has less of a tacky feel to it. When applied, it smoothens out your skin and imperfections as well as discolourations so when you do apply your foundation on top, your skin actually looks AIRBRUSHED with NOT A SINGLE pore in sight! It has a balmy finish which also felt quite hydrating and was much more liquid than the previous Dreamskin. We also found that this formula actually  leaves your skin with a radiant glow unlike the older formula which was more of a dull finish. The new Dreamskin also made the appearance of pores A LOT less visible and really neutralised the redness in the skin! Although it might feel slightly oily at first due to the balmy finish of it, it melts into your skin and after absorbed, it feels like you have nothing on, yet your skin feels plumper and softer and refreshed!

All in all, we definitely feel like this is a product worth trying out! And what we love, is that when you do purchase the 50mL bottle, it is refillable! So you just keep the case and the refills are slightly cheaper than the original with the bottle which makes it super convenient!

Tell us what you think of this product in the comments below! And if you did enjoy this post, please feel free to check out our previous posts below!


POST | DIOR | Capture Totale Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask



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