DIOR | Capture Totale Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask

Hey guys!

So today we have another Dior post for you guys! With the release of the new Dreamskin Advanced, Dior also released a new Dreamskin 1-Minute mask! At first, when we found out it was a 1 minute mask we were uncertain about how great it could be as you only apply it on for a minute but can we just say, we take it all back because this product is GREAT!


So, this is actually a skin peeling mask which is said to refresh your skin and give you back your natural skin radiance. Before we say anything else about it, we wouldn’t recommend this product for really dry skin and to only apply this on for a minute or two or your skin might seriously dry out! For those with great pores and blemishes, this is a pretty great product! Although this is a mask, we actually found this really great to apply as a pick me up before applying makeup to go out! What we love about this product, is that you literally just apply it onto your skin and massage it in for a minute until it turns into a white creme and then wash it out just like a face wash which makes it super convenient when you’re on the go! We found that after applying this, it leaves our face with a kind of airbrushed look! Our pores are smaller, our skin looks brighter and less dull and our skin texture is smoothed out and the redness in our faces are minimalised! We also found that as it smoothens your skin texture and refines pores, when applying our foundation, it goes on soooo much smoother and our skin just looks so perfect! We would definitely recommend everyone to check it out or try a sample of this product as it’s just ridiculously good!

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