BURBERRY | Liquid Lip Velvet

Hello guys,

As you can already see from the title today we wanted to write about a different brand just to change things up a little bit and the perfect brand to do that with is Burberry. To us, Burberry makeup isn’t the first makeup brand that comes to mind when we speak beauty but there are a few items that we adore and a few other than we were disappointed about. However today we will just be focusing on their newest release, their ‘Liquid Lip Velvet’ lipsticks.

As with every brand, the one item we must have is definitely a lipstick, however for us their formula for all their lipsticks and glosses were just never on point. Thus, when this first got released we were a little skeptical because personally, we find that most brands produce better lipsticks as opposed to liquid lips or glosses and seeing that we didn’t like the lipsticks very much, who knows how this will turn out.

But, man were we wrong.


We love the formula, we love the finished look, we love how the colours turn out, everything about it was better than expected. Now before we get ahead ourselves here, we do have to say that there are better liquid lipsticks out in the market but we were quite impressed with this release. Firstly, the formula isn’t overly dry so you don’t have to worry if your lips do have a couple of cracks as they seem to really smooth out the surface of your lip resulting in a very smooth plump look. It is said to be matte, velvet finish on the website, however with some of the shades, we really wouldn’t say that they are matte, especially with the red shades. When we use them, they don’t have that classic matte finish like we expected but instead have a more velvety look. However with some of the shades, such as Fawn, Dark Rosewood and Ox Blood (our personal favourites), the end result is matte and lets just say that they are absolutely gorgeous whether they are on their own or if you do want to add a bit more colour on top.


Now, the most important thing about it is probably the staying power. Seeing that the formula isn’t the overly matte type that seems to instantly dry on your lips, we prepared ourselves thinking that the colour was going to instantly fade and that we will constantly need touch ups. However we were delightfully pleased with what we saw, the colour definitely fades throughout the day but even when it does, it still looks really pretty so you don’t actually have to touch up too frequently. For us, we really enjoy dabbing a little bit of their Burberry Kisses/ Lip Velvet on top so that might have helped with the staying power. As long as you are not looking for something that stays on for the entire day, you won’t be disappointed.

Alright, now that is all for today. What did you guys think about Burberry’s newest makeup addition, was it a hit or a miss for you? Share your opinions below!!

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