YSL | Volupté Tint-in-Balm

Hey guys,

Today we have a brand new product to share with you guys and it is the newly released Volupté Tint-in-Balm by YSL. When we first saw the promo pictures for this product we were really excited because everything about it was just adorable, from the colour choices, the heart shaped tints located in the centre, the way it was advertised, everything about it was just too sweet. Also to be completely honest, it did take quite a long time for Australia to receive it so as time went by, we just got more and more curious about the formula, colour payoff, everything.

So was it up to standard?


We really wanted it to be mind blowing simply because the idea of a lipstick also providing lip care is just awesome. Now we know that there are a lot of products out in the market that do have that feature but for us, they’re either not moisturising enough or because of the fact that there is the balm featured added, the colour is a disappointment. With this product, we must say that it was a disappointment. The product itself isn’t bad but it is simply because we set out expectations too high which resulted in us being disappointed. Overall the lip stick just felt like their Rouge Volupté range, whether it is the finishing look, the texture, what it does to your lips, just everything about it. If you own or have tried the Rouge Volupté you will know that the colour is very sheer and it is one of the more moisturising lipsticks out in the market but the new tint-in-balm feels the exact same and it did not make me feel like it was any more moisturising that the Rouge Volupté.

However, we still adore the design, and if they do bring out more shades, then we might actually prefer this range more simply because we like to think that we are giving our lips more moisture as it is mentioned that the balm consists of macadamia, apricot butter, jojoba oil, passion fruit and coriander. Now who wouldn’t love those ingredients in their lip balm, so that is definitely a plus for us but it is still too similar to their Rouge Volupté for it to have been a major hit.

BUT even with that said, it is still something we have to own. Half because we are lipstick maniacs and the other half is that it is always nice to have a moisturising lipstick hanging around the house, just in case one day your lips are in an awful condition. (That sounds like an excuse we know.)

Alright we hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you have tried this item or if you have any further questions or opinions about it let us know in the comments below!

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