DIOR | Spring 2017 Gradation Lip Products

Hey guys!

So to finish off the reviews of the new Dior Spring makeup collection, we decided to do one on the new lip glow and sugar scrub that came out! Out of all the products that came out this spring, these were probably our favourites!

Dior Addict Lip Glow #001 Berry


So for this spring, Dior released a new limited edition berry colour for their “Dior Addict Lip Glow”. So if you haven’t previously tried Dior’s lip glows before, they’re used as a lip moisturiser or balm while at the same time giving your lip a slight tint which depending on the colour of your lips gives you a nice natural glow. So being a berry colour, this lip glow gives you a more darker berry colour than the previous lip glows.

Lip Sugar Scrub #001


Dior also released a new sugar scrub with this collection which we were super excited about! This sugar scrub applies on just like the lip glow however, contains sugar in it which dissolves on your lips to give you moisturised, softer lips. As an exfoliater, we would say it really doesn’t do much as it’s just not strong enough to give your lips a proper exfoliation but it the colour of this as a lip glow, is quite nice. It’s a slightly warmer shade of pink compared to the original lip glow which is a light corally pink. We would say, this is more of a collector’s piece. It would be something to buy if you had money to spare or if you just simply wanted to collect all the lip products in this range.

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Images sourced

DIOR | Dior Addict Lip Glow

DIOR | Lip Sugar Scrub


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