CHANEL | Le Blanc Foundation

Another day another Chanel product, and today is of no exception. Lately we feel as if every time we check out the Chanel website we will see a new product and before we know it, we’re already obsessed with the idea of owning it. Therefore this obsession leads us to todays post; the Le Blanc foundation by Chanel.

We were actually on a hunt for a new Chanel foundation and originally we really wanted the Le Teint Ultra Tenue however Australia seemed to have never gotten it so after a while we gave up on the idea and just went with other products and when this one got released we were absolutely stoked. The formula isn’t too watery or too thick which is nice especially for the in between seasons. Seeing that it is part of the Le Blanc range, the finish is on the brighter side of things and the finish isn’t too matte either so personally we do think it is better suited for Asian taste as it really whitens your complexion. We say whiten instead of brighten because instead of it giving off a radiant finish, it gives you more of a whiter glaze look and personally this foundation seems to work especially well on more yellow-toned skin.

10 - BEIGE

Texture wise, it is definitely more on the lighter side of things, even when you layer it up it doesn’t give off a very cakey finish nor does it leave you feeling very dry however if you do layer it up, then it is better to use a finishing powder instead of a spray. However the staying power is mediocre and we don’t recommend it if you have a long day ahead or if you are going somewhere very humid. Whenever we wear this we always have some sort of touch up cushion with us especially since it is still summer here, but luckily it is SPF 30 and pa +++ so that is definitely a bonus.

Overall it isn’t a brilliant product but it isn’t a miss either so probably around a 6-7 out of 10? We do prefer other Chanel foundations more however we also like the idea of it being a whitening foundation just so we have a bit more selection.

Alright we hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you have tried this foundation or if you have any further questions about it let us know in the comments below!

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