DIOR | Spring 2017 Gradation Rouge Gradient

Hey guys, so today we bring you another Dior post, this time on the new ” Lip Shadow Duo” that they’ve newly introduced. So basically it’s a double ended lipstick with one lighter shade and the other being a darker shade so you can create a gradient lip colour. So if you haven’t read our previous post, the theme of this collection is gradation thus, the gradient lip colour idea.

With the new duo lipsticks, Dior has also introduced a new formula basically like the idea of eyeshadow and blush, these lipsticks are in a powder form to give a matte finish while at the same time being comfortable and creamy to the application. As of right now, only 3 colours have been released.

#575 Pink


#755 Red


#975 Purple


To be completely honest, we were actually quite disappointed with this new collection. Although we liked the concept and idea, we found the shades were all a bit lacking and were not versatile or diverse enough. The fact that there were only 3 shades made it even more disappointing as the lighter coral shade on all 3 lip duos were actually if not identical; then almost identical to each other. The formula itself was a bit drying although creamy when first applied and the sponge applicator quite lacking and hard to apply the colours on smoothly. Usually we are super hyped about every single Dior collection (especially with the lipsticks) but we found this one a huge let down.

What did you guys think of the new lipsticks? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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