CHANEL | Lumières de Kyoto Blush Harmony


Hey everyone,

Today instead of doing a new collection or a specific range from a brand we thought we will concentrate on just one item and that is the Chanel Lumières de Kyoto blush. It feels as if Chanel has been quite into their blushes recently with new products being launched here and there and they all had to be limited edition. In all honesty, we were never huge on the idea of blushes, we have them, we use them but it isn’t a product that we run after. But with that being said, this definitely was an exception.


The concept of this blush revolves around the autumn leaves of Japan, hence the floral design in the middle tone along with a highlight and a radiance shade. On the website it states to use the soft satin tone (top shade) to highlight the face, the pink blush (middle shade) to boost radiance and the light-beige powder (bottom shade) to enhance the complexion. This is probably the most efficient way to use the palette however we honestly never follows the rules so what we do is just use whatever shade we think is necessary on whichever part of the face we think needs that little bit of extra colour or shine or whatever it is lacking and we’re done.

To be completely honest, sometimes we wouldn’t even use this as a blush instead we will use it as eyeshadow. One of our favourite things to do is to replace our eyeshadows with blush simply because some of the blush colours are just so pretty and you can’t actually find them in eyeshadow formula. The other great thing about using a blush is that the colours are generally a lot softer so if you want to wear pinks or more red toned colours, blushes usually do the job.

For this palette, we wouldn’t say that it is a must have, more like a little splurge you can make to reward yourself. But is it a necessity? No. However the idea of it being a three in one product is quite nice and very travel friendly so on that note itself, I would choose this product over a lot more others.

We hope you guys enjoyed this post! Any opinions on this blush? Let us know in the comments below!

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