Chanel | Coco Codes Collection Lipsticks

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So if you guys didn’t know, Chanel has a new Spring/summer 2017 collection called ‘COCO CODES’ that was just released in Australia. So, we decided to do a little review on the new lipsticks from the collection. If you didn’t know by now, we have a little bit of an obsession with lipsticks and as expected, we have pretty much purchased all the new shades in this collection. So without further ado, here are the new lipsticks!

Rouge Allure “175 Ardente”


So this lipstick is actually part of their limited edition for this collection and has actually been given a new formula which makes this lipstick more hydrating on the lips. Unlike the Rouge Allure Velvet, which are matte lipsticks; this gives a more satiny finish and it’s actually a more bright coral orange red.

Rouge Allure “176 Indépendante”


As can be seen in the picture, this is a darker red than the previous #175 Ardente. We actually prefer this colour more as it is a more pure red. When applied, it gives you a very fresh red lip look. With minimal eyes or a more gold eye look, just a few dabs of this would be perfect for a more clean yet made up look.

Rouge Allure Velvet “62 Libre”


These two Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks are actually probably our favourite in the range of new lipsticks. This is actually a more orange brown toned nude. What we love about this shade is that it isn’t too dark that it looks like a matte brown lipstick while at the same time it isn’t too light that it washes you out. We have actually been searching for a new nude lipstick for a VERY long time and we found this to be just the perfect shade so definitely try this out!

Rouge Allure Velvet “61 La Secrète”


This is actually a perfect nude if you have slightly more pinkish lips. For lips which don’t have much color naturally, we find that it is a bit too light and tends to wash you out a bit and can tend to look a bit too pink. On more pink toned lips, we find that this colour is actually PERFECT! It just slightly enhances the colour of your lips for a more natural casual look. We find that this goes very well with a more everyday casual look! And did we mention this one is also limited edition?!

Rouge Coco Shine ” 126 Beige Doré”


At first glance, you might think why is there a yellow gloss? But this is definitely worth trying out! On it’s own, it is a very light nudish gloss with a very subtle gold shimmer. If you are having a lazy day, this would be great to apply to just give your lips some shine! But, we found that this is great when applied on top of matte lipsticks to give a whole new look. On top of another lipstick, we found that it gave our lips a glossy wet finish as well as enhanced the colour of the matte lipstick. This lipstick is also part of their limited edition colours for this collection.

Rouge Coco Shine “128 Noir Moderne”


This is actually a really lovely glossy dark red with brown tones. We actually prefer applying this on it’s own because it is quite dark by itself. However, when applied on top of other lipsticks, it creates a glossy look and slightly darkens the original lipstick color to give you more dark brown tones to give you a more made up look. 

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