Chanel | Coco Codes Collection Eyeshadow

Hey guys!

Another day, another collection by Chanel, another reason to empty our your wallet. Chanel recently came out with their Spring/Summer 2017 collection called ‘COCO CODES’. All the colours involved in this collection represents iconic Chanel colours and when put together, it really is nothing short of perfection. Being huge Chanel addicts we obviously had to get our hands on a couple of items and one of them is their newest eyeshadow palettes.

So without further ado, here are the two new beautifully designed palettes.

Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow | 274 Codes Élégants 


Before the products were launched in Australia, we first saw them on the US site and to be completely honest we thought no way were we ever going to be interested in this palette. Both the gold and the bronze colour were a little too loud for our liking so we gave this palette a pass and just thought about getting the other one. However when it finally got released in Australia we thought that we’d give it a swatch just so we knew exactly what it was like and it was simultaneously the best and worst decision ever. Best, because we fell in love it with and can’t believe we were going to forego this beauty; worst, because now we just have a hole at the bottom of our wallets. This palette actually compliments your eyes so well and the gold isn’t at all overwhelming, when it is on the lids, it brightens your eyes up in the nicest way possible.

If any of you were going to forego this palette, please go and check it out in person and give it a swatch because it seriously is just beautiful. But with that being said this palette will be staying so if you ever change your mind, you still have the chance to see it then.

Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow | 278 Codes Subtils


This palette is one of those palettes where you can wear any one of the shades on its own and your makeup will still look great. All the colours are quite sheer if you lightly apply it so you do have that option or creating a very natural daily look with this palette but simultaneously, it can be built up for a heavier, more intense look.

To some people this palette may seem quite normal but the three shades (excluding the bottom left) are actually really pretty in real life. This palette is limited edition so I wouldn’t contemplate too long if I were you, but my honest opinion is this isn’t one of those palettes that you can’t live without however it is a nicer version of those ‘daily’ palettes. If I had to choose two between the two, I will probably choose 274 Codes Élégants.

Alright now that is all for today, if you have already seen the new collection please do share with us your opinions on them (especially if you are torn between the two palettes).

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