2016 Favourites | Top 6 Eyeshadows

Hey everyone,

Onto our last 2016 favourites post, today we have 6 GORGEOUS eyeshadow palettes to share with everyone. Some of these are quite self explanatory and personally we feel like all the palettes listed below are very wearable. But with that being said we did buy it so of course it will be wearable to us. However if you are interested to see which 6 made the list, keep scrolling!!

Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy

Lets start off with a very obvious choice. Now I don’t think I need to talk about this palette as I’m pretty sure there is already 1,000 videos and posts on this palette and it honestly is worth the hype. The colours are pigmented, they compliment nearly every skin tone, fall-out is okay and every colour is wearable and you can mix and match any shades with another and the result will still be brilliant. So lets just get this one off the list and pretty sure you guys know why.

P.S. So hyped for the Royal Peach Palette.

Chanel 204 Tissé Vendôme


There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with the palette. There, I’ve said it. If you are having a lazy day and you don’t want to plan out your look, you can just grab this and be certain that you won’t end up looking like someone just threw you a punch. Now, with that being said, Chanel just never disappoints and if you haven’t realised by now we also are avid Chanel fans so perhaps we are a little bit biased. HOWEVER, everyone that is used this palette, loved it so pretty sure that speaks for itself.

Chanel 266 Tissé Essentiel


This palette has probably been with Chanel for a while but it is actually one of our more recent purchases. When you just look at the palette, it doesn’t really stand out however the moment you swatch and maybe play around with it on your eyelids, you will see why it’s called ‘Tissé Essentiel’. It actually is an essential!! The palette is really pretty on its own especially if you don’t want something too colourful, but it works even better as a base or just a blending or transition palette.

Chanel 268 Candeur et Expérience


Now this palette here, PERFECT!! The moment this palette came out we knew we had to get it. Okay we know we say this about basically every product we have but this palette is just too pretty to let go. This item was actually completely sold out in Australia for a few weeks maybe because of Christmas and New Years, etc but for a product that has been out for a couple of months, that says something. This palette is actually perfect for all season and normally I like to wear it on its own but sometimes I mix it with the shimmer shades in the Kylie Burgundy palette just to jazz it up a little. (Best combination ever!)

Dior 646 Montaigne

Similar to the Chanel 204 Tissé Vendôme palette, this is another one of those classic palettes that you just can’t go wrong with. Personally this one may be a little more wearable than the Chanel as it matches with more outfit choices and when we first bought this palette, it was our go to item for a good 3-4 months straight. Not even kidding. It would probably also the palette we used the most in Korea.

YSL Rose Baby Doll 9

Couture Palette

Last but not least, this cute YSL palette. We know this isn’t something everyone will like, but personally it is one of my all time favourites, not just 2016. The colours are very bright and when applied, the colours are exactly the same as what you see in the picture. So for some people it may be too much but if you wanted something fun and girly then this is the perfect palette.

Alright! That is all for our 2016 favourites!! We really hope you guys enjoyed this series! If you did please leave us a comment and feel free to check out our other posts below!

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Please note, we do not own any of the above images.

Images sourced:



Kylie Cosmetics

YSL Beauty 


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