2016 Favourites | Top 7 Lipsticks

Hey guys,

Continuing on with the 2016 Favourites theme, today we will be exploring lipsticks. We’re not sure if you guys realised yet but we are both lipstick fanatics! We buy at least 3-5 a month and somehow we manage to find new colours that interest us. To be fair, a lot of the shades we have are actually really similar to each other, but it will always still be different. You know?

It was really hard to pick out our favourites but we’ve managed to just pick out 7 lipsticks that really stood out for us in 2016. They are in no particular order so if you are interested which lipsticks made the cut, keep on reading.

Chanel Rouge Feu 57


This here is definitely one of the colours that is worn most often. It works when you want to go for a brighter look, a more formal look or even a very casual look. You can just dab it on for a little colour or you can apply two layers of it for the full effect. The colour itself may turn out more orange toned or red toned depending on the natural colour of your lips but personally I think this colour is very flattering on most people.


Chanel Rouge Vie 58


A little vampy but when dabbed on and built up slowly becomes a lovely fresh wearable red on a daily basis. It is one of those colours that will look good regardless if you’re having a good or bad day. If you feel like your makeup really just is a mess, a little dab of this shade somehow brings everything back on track.


Chanel Amoureux 140


Chanel brought out something completely new this year and we literally got it the day Australia released it! We know that a lot of people didn’t like this range but we personally loved it. Might not be as long wearing as a lot of other products but the colour payoff was really nice and the texture was silky smooth. The only downside is the limited selection that they offered. Hopefully they will decide to expand this range.


Chanel Rouge Angélique 174


Definitely one of the nicest nudes EVER created!!!!! With nudes, it can easily wash a person out and for certain people they may have to go quite pink, orange or brown toned before they are able to find a suitable nude-like tone. But sometimes you really just want to find a proper nude coloured lipstick and this here may just be the answer. It definitely is still quite light and I’m not saying that it definitely won’t wash you out but compared to most other shades that are similar, this one actually does quite a good job.


Dior Grège 169

Quite similar to the Chanel Rouge Angélique mentioned above but this one is a lighter peachy nude. Therefore on some days, it really just doesn’t work. But when it does work with the rest of your makeup, it is a gorgeous colour. There is also a gloss in a very similar shade so perhaps if you feel like the lipstick is too much, you can try the gloss out.


Dior Classic Matte 772

You know a colour will be good when the word classic is in its name. The first month I got this colour, I wore it basically everyday; sometimes I will start with a different colour at the beginning of the day but I will always revert back to this one right here. Definitely one of the shades that you just HAVE to own.


Cle de Peau Dark Red Brown 307


One of the most memorable brands we got in Korea as Australia actually doesn’t stock this brand. A beautiful colour regardless of skin tone and the texture is divine as well, nothing to complain about for the formula. Despite the color of the lipstick on it’s own being a dark brownish red, when applied it is actually a soft rosey brown red. However, it is a little annoying how the case is separate from the actual lipstick. The idea was sweet, where you can interchange the lipstick and just have one case, but honestly who will ever do that…… The only thing we wish for is that they sell one where the case and the lipstick is just thing. Maybe we’re old fashioned, who knows.

Alright, these are our favourite lipsticks of 2016, as you probably realised, we are HUGE Chanel fans and we don’t think our love for the brand will ever decrease. But all the shades mentioned here were our holy grails at least sometime throughout the year.

Let us know if any of these shades are also your favourite!!

We hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you did, please feel free to check out our other posts!

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Please note, we do not own any of the above images.

Images sourced:

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink

Chanel Rouge Allure

Dior Rouge Dior

Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick



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