2016 Favourites | Top 5 Eyeliners

Hey guys!

Hope you guys had a great new year! So to kick off 2017, we decided to share with you guys our favourites from 2016. And thus, this leads to this post, our top 5 eyeliners of 2016.

Kat Von D “Tattoo Liner”

If you guys have been following our blog for quite some time now, you would have probably heard us raving about it on several occasions but this is actually just SO GOOD. This has probably been our staple eyeliner for a year or two? The staying power is just so great and especially for oily eyelids you can not go wrong. It’s thin enough that you can get quite precise lines which is especially great if you have smaller lids like us as chunky pens are a bit difficult for us to draw very thin lines. It is also very buildable and does not crumble and definitely stays put all day.

Dior Addict It-Line & Diorliner Precision Eyeliner


So these two eyeliners are on-par with each other. The Dior Addict liner, we would say definitely has great staying power and does not budge at all. We would definitely recommend this to someone with oilier lids. It also comes with a very fine brush making it great for very precise application. The only downside would be that it has a plastic shiny finish which might not be ideal for some. As it is a liquid bottle applicator, I (Izzy) found that when lining my eyes, it sticks onto my eyelashes making my lashes clump together and dries hard so when I apply mascara it becomes a bit difficult to brush out my lashes. The Dior Precision Eyeliner, definitely does not have as great staying power but makes a great eyeliner for normal to dry lids. It actually has a twist application system where you twist the bottom for the ink to come out. This one is actually made out of lots of thin hairs put together so the application is a lot gentler on your eyelids. Out of the two, the precision liner is probably easier to use. Both eyeliners are VERY black but both are definitely worth checking out!

Koji DOLLY WINK “Liquid Eyeliner III”


This product is one of those we reckon that you will always just have around throughout the years and thus, remains a favourite to this day. It’s not very black but gives a gentler softer line when applied. The tip is quite fine but soft and it is quite buildable as well. It has a more liquid consistency but has quite a good staying power. For those with oilier eyelids, this may be one of those products great to bring along when you need a touch up.

ISEHAN ” Heroine Make (Kiss Me) Smooth Liquid Liner Super Keep”


For those with oilier eyelids, this may your equivalent to the Dollywink eyeliner mentioned above. This liner is quite similar to the Dollywink liner except we would say it is a darker shade of black and the staying power is better. As the packaging suggests, this would last you through any bad day whether it be sweat or tears and we think it is really quite good for both.

YSL “Couture Kajal Eye Pencil

Couture Kajal Eye PencilSo we actually initially happened to try this liner out of sheer curiosity but we loved it the moment we tried it on! This liner is actually super creamy and glides on so smoothly and effortlessly! It’s also so versatile and easy to smudge for a more smokey, grungey or messy look. For those days you want a “I just woke up in my makeup” look kind of days this would actually be ideal if you just slightly smudged the liner. For those with more oilier eyelids though, we would recommend using this more as an eyeshadow or if being used as an eyeliner, we would definitely recommend safeguarding it by applying a gel or liquid liner on top. But if you are shopping around for eyeliner alternatives, we definitely recommend for you guys to try it out!

We hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you did, please feel free to check out our other posts!

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Please note, we do not own any of the above images.

images sourced:

Sephora | Kat Von D

Dior | Precision Eyeliner

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