2016 Favourites | Top 5 Foundation

With 2016 coming to an end, it is only right that we jump aboard the ‘yearly favourites’ bandwagon. Originally we were going to do the classic ‘2016 Favourites makeup’ post but then we realised that in order to fit all of our favourites items onto that list, the post would have to have gone on for a few pages; and lets be honest, no one is going to read it till the end, even we wouldn’t read it ourselves. Therefore we decided to split them into categories and the best one to start off with is of course, foundation.

Throughout the year we both tried numerous foundations whether it be samples that we were given or physical bottles that we actually bought, it is safe to say that between the two of us, we’ve tried at least 20+ different foundations.

Now without further ado, these are our top 5.

Vivian | combination dry and very sensitive skin.

Isabella | combination oily and normal skin.

1 Dior Prestige | Le Nectar de Teint


This foundation is one of Dior’s newest products and it’s only been about a couple weeks since we bought this foundation but we actually received a sample of it around early November and we instantly fell in love with it. The texture is on the thicker side of the spectrum and the coverage is medium. If you wanted a more in depth report on this please check out our other post about this beauty –> HERE.

Vivian: Personally if I was looking for a heavy coverage foundation, I would not go for this but if it was just for daily wear, I think this coverage and finish is just right (especially if you do have a few blemishes or redness going on). The only downside would probably be that if your skin is dry then it really does show up so unless you mix it with something more nourishing, then I don’t recommend wearing this when your skin’s having a dry day.

Isabella: I found this foundation just perfect for my skin especially in the hot weather that we’re having. Usually as I have an oily T-Zone, I find that through the day my foundation tends to streak especially around the nose area but with this foundation, it stayed on perfectly through a 8 hour work day. I would recommend setting your face with a powder after though on a particularly hot day just in case!

2 La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF 20


Vivian: This right here, just simply defines makeup. Once applied it blends right in with your skin and despite the coverage being medium it is basically weightless. The only reason why I prefer the Dior Prestige one more is because I feel like that one is just a little bit more nourishing. I also wouldn’t recommend this foundation for days where your skin is particularly dry. But I must admit the only reason this came in second is because the price point is a little bit higher than the Dior and it doesn’t have any nourishing components to it.

Isabella: I would have to say this foundation is just a bit thicker than the Dior when first applied but it melts into your skin very well and after a while, it hardly feels like you’re wearing anything. I would say this foundation has a slightly heavier coverage than the Dior but almost the same.

3 YSL Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation


Vivian: This is definitely a life saver, it’s easy to apply, it’s compact, it smells amazing, coverage and finish are all what I like for a simple daily look. I’ve only had this for about 3-4 months but I’ve already gone through a few refills. So the only downside I have for this product is that it runs out way too fast.

Isabella: This product dries up WAY too fast but it is actually amazing. It’s perfect for those little touchups throughout the day. I found that it gives your skin a lovely dewy look without feeling too heavy or oily like some compacts do feel. For someone with quite an oily complexion, I would recommend not using this on super hot days as it does tend to streak gradually when your face starts releasing oil.

4 Mac Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation & YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

_11031396Fusion Ink Foundation

 Vivian: For my fourth favourite(s), I couldn’t decide between the two so I just chose both because these are both wearable on days where my skin is particularly dry. For me regardless of the season, if I don’t nourish my skin properly or if I haven’t been drinking water, my skin will immediately become this dry, patchy, flaky horror. Now usually, it is best to not wear makeup as it will only agitate the skin even more, but on days where I actually do not have a choice, I will normally go for these. Now neither of these are a very good coverage, in my opinion so sometimes I do mix them in with other foundations that have a bit more coverage in them or I mix in serums or oils with the other heavier coverage foundations.

For finish though, the Mac Studio is definitely nicer as it is a lot more natural looking. But for staying power I found that the YSL is better as for some people I realised that the Mac Studio just slides off throughout the day and honestly speaking, who wants that in a foundation. Now I don’t have that problem as my skin is quite dry but if your skin is on the oilier side but you still want a hydrating foundation, then perhaps the YSL one is a better choice.

Isabella: I actually mis the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation with a lot of my foundations and bb creams. To be honest, by itself unless applied with a wet sponge, it comes off very cakey and makes your skin blemishes and dry spots quite apparent. However, I find that when mixed with other creamier foundations, it gives you a more flawless look and gives you just that much more extra coverage. I love mixing this with the Mac Studio as I find that the lightest shade is still just a bit too yellow as I am quite pale and as I have generally quite oily skin, the Mac Studio tends to slide very easily. The YSL Fusion makes it stay just that much longer and as the Mac Studio has minimal coverage, I found that it was able to cover all the redness and blemishes on my face. With that being said, I am still a big fan of the Mac Studio as it’s just nice to wear when you want a tint but still want to look like you just crawled out of bed.

5 Chanel Sublimage Le Teint


Vivian: Finishing off my top 5 foundations for 2016 is of course a product from Chanel. Now I have always loved Chanel’s makeup in general but I was particularly excited when they released this item. I don’t actually like when a foundation is just purely a foundation itself as that is the main point of the item. I love it when they add something nourishing into the foundation because I feel as if it harms my skin a little less. In this case they’ve combined the main ingredient of Sublimage into the actual foundation so when you’re applying it, the texture is absolutely divine. It glides on so smoothly and leaves this natural plumpness to your skin. If you wanted to build up for more coverage you can do so and it doesn’t leave a cakey finish. The one downside to this item is that the staying power isn’t as good as the ones mentioned above and I definitely do not recommend this if your skin is particularly oily.

We hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you did, please do check out our other posts!

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images sourced:


LA MER | David Jones

YSL makeup


MAC | Nordstrom



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