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Hey guys,

So today we’re super excited to tell you guys about one of our favourite foundations! So if you guys don’t know, DIOR has a skincare range called PRESTIGE which is based around the use of rose petals in their skin products. Although they are definitely towards the more expensive side of things, they are 100% worth checking out! (They also smell DIVINE!)

So, the newest products released in this range, are their new foundations which both contain the Rose de Granville, a core ingredient in the prestige range. The foundations come in two formulas, one being based off the serum in their range resulting in a lighter texture while the other is based more purely on the cream in the range giving a more thicker feel and leaving a flawless finish.

Dior Prestige La Crème De Teint



The Crème De Teint, is definitely the more richer of the two. As this actually contains the cream from the PRESTIGE range, to benefit your skin while at the same time providing coverage, this formula is definitely quite thick and creamy.This foundation glides on soooo smoothly and it literally feels like you are just applying cream to your face!! The coverage of this foundation is literally flawless. It hides EVERYTHING and it is one of those products that you can actually build up as you go so if you’re having a terribly bad acne prone day you can definitely build up the amount you put on to cover more. We found this formula however, a bit too heavy for us as we both prefer something quite lightweight. We actually found this very similar to the Chanel ‘Sublimage Le Teint’ which is their new foundation based on the same concept of ‘cream foundation’. Although we have to admit, the Chanel cream foundation was a bit lighter and absorbed better and into your skin that it felt like it had become one with your skin while with the DIOR Crème De Teint, you could still feel it slightly on the surface.

Dior Prestige Le Nectar De Teint


The Nectar De Teint is actually like PERFECTION in a bottle. We actually recieved a sample of this foundation before it was officially released in Australia and we loved it so much that the moment it came out, we had to buy it! So this foundation, actually contains the nectar of the Rose De Granville which is what is used in the serum of the PRESTIGE range giving this foundation just a slightly lighter finish than the cream while at the same time, feels just like you are applying cream to your face. This foundation we found gave us a lovely healthy glow while at the same time providing just enough coverage for all those angry red spots that appear occasionally. As skincare is infused in the formula, we found that it actually improved the appearance of our skin through time and leaves your skin so plump and soft. We also find that it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and just overall makes your skin look a lot more youthful. Oh and might we add, it stays on all day even through the super hot days we’re experiencing right now in Sydney. So definitely check it out!!

As the first ‘official’ post since we returned, we really hope you guys enjoyed this post!



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