Chanel | Boy Les Exclusifs De Chanel

Hello all, today I am SUPER excited to write about Chanel’s new fragrance because it is just too good!!!

So keep reading if you’re interested!!

Boy Chanel, the new Chanel Les Exclusifs scent and honestly I am not certain if it’s the fact that it’s Chanel that makes it so irresistible or if it just became one of my all time favorites. The notion of this scent travels back and forth between genders and from reading the story behind it I would say it is possible for it to be worn by both genders.

The fragrance overall has a very florally spicy scent to it with a bit of musk and powdery tones as well. In the scent, it features lavender, grasse geranium, sandalwood, heliotrope and musk.

Personally, this scent seems better fit for cooler days and I prefer spraying it just onto my clothes either the night before or before I wear them so that the scent can diffuse a little and then I just spray it in my hair and that’s all I need. Like any other Chanel Les Exclusifs, the longevity of the perfume is definitely top notch and unlike some other perfumes that slowly change scents throughout the day, this perfume stays dedicated to its original scent but just gradually softening out.

If some think that the scent is too masculine for their liking, give it a good 15 minutes and smell it again as the powdery smell gradually sweetens the aroma leaving it with a more feminine touch whilst still remaining borderline unisex.

I cannot guarantee that everyone will like this scent as it is quite heavy, but it definitely is a scent that grows on you thus if you pass a Chanel boutique, do pop in to check it out as it is a very different scent in the Chanel collection; at least in my opinion.

Now this is a short post but I am thinking of maybe shortening the posts but posting more often, therefore please do keep an eye out for more posts coming your way.

Post | Chanel | Le Rouge Collection N°1 Fall 2016

Post | Chanel | Summer 2016 Collection

xx Vivvy.

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