Chanel | Summer 2016 Collection

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As you can probably guess by the title, this post will be on the new Chanel Summer Collection. As we haven’t tried everything in this collection, this post will solely be on the ‘Empreinte Du Désert’ eyeshadow quad and the Chanel ‘Healthy Glow’ duos. As Australia is always behind, we’ve actually been waiting for these products for over a month and when they finally hit the stores, we made sure to try them all!


So the ‘Empreinte Du Désert’ eyeshadow quad is actually soooo divine! They have this beautiful ripple effect going through them which is supposed to represent the effect of sand in the sand dunes. The palette itself is actually very wearable and consists of bronzey warm shades, finishing it off with a warm green to just give it an extra pop of color. The colors actually stay on really well from when you first put it on in the morning till night and has a satiny yet slightly gold shimmery finish and in different lights, gives off a 3 dimensional iridescent look. As most Chanel eyeshadows are, these are very pigmented and creamy and what I love, is that although very pigmented, they do not come off cakey and thick on your eyelids allowing for buildup.


The ‘Chanel Duo No. 01 Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour’ is great for a more bronzey summer look and is used more for contouring. The top shade is a darker peachy orange to create a ‘sunkissed’ effect on the cheeks while the bottom is a dark brown both with satin finishes to create the contour. They can also be mixed together with a big powder brush as a bronzer to create a nice sunkissed glow finish.


The ‘Chanel Duo No. 02 Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour’ is used more as an illuminator and healthy glow. So the top shade is light beige color with slight shimmers and a sheen finish, and would be used more as an illuminator while the bottom color is a corally red giving cheeks a lovely fresh healthy glow. They can also be mixed together with a big powder brush for a more illuminous blush finish.

From what we have tried so far of this collection, it’s absolutely TO DIE FOR and is definitely worth checking out! Tell us what you guys think!

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Izzy & Vivvy

P.S. We do not own any of the above images.

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