Dior | Milky Tint

Now as promised from a while back (sorry about the little break), here is the Milky Tint post. FINALLY!!! Originally we were actually going to put the Milky Tint as part of the Dior Milky Dots Summer Collection 2016 however once we tried the product out we knew that this deserved a post on its own.

At first when we heard and read about this product we thought that it’ll just be a watery gloss but strangely enough it does actually have that ‘milkiness’ to it and it feels absolutely AMAZING on your lips. The colours are very sheer but theres a milky effect to it and it just gives the most beautiful pure look. There is currently four shades to this collection but we are desperately hoping for more additions (especially some brighter colours or darker if possible). Personally we really agree on the fact that this new milky tint may really be a game changer in the makeup industry as we have all had our past with tints but this new product has really gotten our full attention. Additionally, sometimes with tints whilst they do stain your lips for a gorgeous look, they can simultaneously be a little drying but with this product we found that its ability to stay moist is really shocking. Lasting power wise it is similar to most lip tints out there even after a meal you still see the faint stain of the tint.

The product comes in four shades :

#156 Milky Pastel
#286 Milky Plum
#356 Milky Peach
#376 Milky Pop

As you can see and possibly agree, it would be BRILLIANT if they can add more shades!

Alright, so that is all for today, we hope you enjoyed the post and as usual please do share your favourite shade and we will see you again very soon.

Also, if you haven’t seen our previous posts please do check them out! ♡

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xx Vivvy and Izzy

P.S We do not own any credits for the above images

Photo credits:

Dior Makeup

Dior Addict Milky Tint


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