Dolls Kill

Hey guys!

So today we wanted to do a little post for you guys on a site that we regularly shop on for more eclectic, loud and streetwear clothing brands such as Dimepiece, Boy London, W.I.A.,  UNIF, Maria ke Fisherman, Joyrich and more.

Being major fans of the site, we wanted to share with you guys some of our favourite pieces (as of right now).

As shipping can always be an extra factor to consider when buying things online (i.e. if the shipping is worth the amount you’re spending or if you just have enough for everything EXCEPT the shipping), Dolls Kill are having a promotion which will seriously make things just a bit easier!

So from Wednesday the 18th at 12:01am pst  till Thursday the 19th 11:59 pst  Dolls Kill are having a FREE SHIPPING SALE which means free shipping to anywhere in the world, but the biggest catch is that there is NO minimum!!! Dolls Kill normally offers free shipping with a minimum, however, now there isn’t!! Just a little bonus for those wanting to save a little here and there (hehe).

( We’ve put the link right here –>> Dolls Kill <<– to make sure you don’t miss it!!)

So, without further ado, a few of our favourites of right now:

W.I.A Police Waistcoat

W.I.A. ‘Police Waistcoat’

W.I.A X Dolls Kill Lips Shorts

The Ragged Priest Precious Jacket

Ragged Priest Bad To The Bone Jacket

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and happy shopping!! And make sure to ->> CLICK HERE<<- to enjoy some free shipping!!
Izzy & Vivvy
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