YSL | Savage Escape / Summer Look 2016


Before I go any further some of you may be thinking….. another YSL post?!

Yes. Another YSL post, but come on who can ever get mad at all these make up releases and to be completely fair, the Spring Look post was uploaded pretty late and the funny thing was the moment I published that post, I received an email about the Summer collection: I am serious, not even a moment to spare. However on the bright side, more makeup for everyone!!

For Summer 2016, YSL went for a journey through the desert which is how we ended up receiving this collection (well basically summed up). Overall I think they did a good job in perceiving the theme as the moment you see the items you are able to understand immediately why it is the desert theme. So without further ado, lets get straight into it.

Couture Palette Collector | Savage Escape

Couture Palette Collector Summer Look 2016

Now, an item that is actually named after the collection itself normally should be the stand out from the range and this palette definitely deserves its name. It takes no more than one second to the connection and possibly fall in love with it. Now, I say possibly because this will not be a ‘I will wear this palette often’ item for most people and additionally not everyone can pull off blues or even like it in their shadow palettes. Personally I really do like the palette however blue shadows are just too bold for my liking and I haven’t exactly found the right way to wear it so that it compliments me so I am going to have to forego this palette for now. However if you are like Cara Delevingne and can pull off just everything, then by all means GO FOR IT. By the way doesn’t the blues just remind you of an oasis?

Full Metal Shadow 

Full Metal Shadow Summer Look 2016

 Full Metal Shadow Summer Look 2016

The Full Metal Shadows from YSL have always been a makeup favourite of ours and if you were thinking that the palette was a little too intense for you then by all means go for the metal shadows. Now some of you may be thinking that I am crazy or something as this looks a lot stronger than the palette but with the correct applicator you can actually create a very fine line and just have that little extra bit of attention drawn to your eyes. The two colours are #11 Bonnie Copper and #12 Blue Clyde (did you guys get the Bonnie and Clyde reference).

For more details on the Full Metal Shadow, please check out this post from a while back where we gave our thoughts on both the YSL and Dior metal shadows > click me <.

Gloss Volupté

Gloss Volupté Summer Look 2016

 Gloss Volupté Summer Look 2016

A collection is never complete without lip products and here we also have two new shades, #54 Rose Denim and #55 Rose Eldorado. Personally I don’t think either of them have much colour to it, obviously #55 more than #54 but when you wear it, I wouldn’t say it is something that will instantly light up your face but it is more of a final touch to your makeup kind of item, personally I wouldn’t wear them if I was looking particularly grey one day and didn’t want to wear makeup. However as a finishing touch, they are both adorable.

La Laque 

La Laque Couture Summer Look 2016

 La Laque Couture Summer Look 2016

I was actually quite excited about the nail colours as both shades from the Printemps (Spring 2016) collection was on point. This time, again, it comes in two shades, #71 Savage Pink and #72 Night Escape and they are inspired by metallic rocks and dark blue night skies. I haven’t actually seen the two products in person however I saw a lot of photos of it already and BOTH are absolutely GORGEOUS when applied. Additionally they are both the kind of colours that look good on both short and long nails so I think if you can’t see it in person definitely start googling because it is just too gorgeous for words.

Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones

Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones


Alright, how the final product from the Summer collection is of course a matte bronzer. A desert themed summer collection is never complete until you see a bronzer (displayed image is in #02 Fire Opal). It comes in three different shades; #01 Sunstone (Light), #02 Fire Opal (Medium), #03 Jasper (Deep). According to the descriptions it is suppose to give a natural sun-kissed tan look and is ultralight. Again, unfortunately I have not tried this product yet so there isn’t much I can say about it however I do like how there are several shades running through it so just that alone I feel will enhance the natural side of things a bit more. Thus, if you are on a look out for a new bronzer, I feel like you should consider this.

Okay, so this is all for now and as per usual, let us know which one is your favourite and we hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please check out a couple of our previous posts.

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Post | YSL | Printemps / Spring Look 2016

Alright we will see you soon.

xx Vivvy and Izzy

P.S We do not own any credits for the above images

Photo credits:

YSL Beauty

YSL Beauty Summer Look 2016


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