YSL | Printemps / Spring Look 2016

Every time we promise ourselves to not indulge in anymore makeup products until at least the end of the month, something new seems to be released or an item finally was available in store. Now this really is super bad for our wallets but lets be fair, a new makeup collection is always a treat to the eyes and to the soul. The culprit in question this time is YSL and being one of the brands that we absolutely ADORE, it comes without a doubt that we were immediately intrigued by basically… everything.

For Spring 2016, YSL went with a ‘Boho Stone Collection’ where it is suppose to be ‘entrancing’ with both ‘sensuality’ and ‘femininity’Thus in all honesty, we think they did a pretty good job in getting that across, all of the colour combinations worked well with the theme and complimented each other very nicely. So what we will do today is actually go through everything in the collection and share with you our opinion(s).

Face Palette Collector | Gypsy Opale


Definitely the product that stood out the most to us for a couple reasons, firstly the colours are absolutely lovely (even prettier in real life) and secondly the way its melted in. So we were near certain that this was some kind of new eyeshadow layout until we realized that it is actually a face powder used to correct uneven skin tone to just simply add brightness. Probably not the most useful item when it comes to daily wear (at least in our case) as it doesn’t make a huge difference however more or less it does lift your look.

Couture Palette Collector | Indie Jaspe



Now this is our FAVOURITE item from the collection and every single colour is gorgeous and personally YSL eyeshadow palettes are definitely one of our favourites and my daily palette right now (for the last 6 months or so) is a YSL palette and every time I use it I am once again reminded of just why I bought it. So this palette was not an exception, the colours are breathtaking when applied and in our opinion it is quite hard to pull of a green themed palette but for some reason this one really hit all the right spots BUT personally it wouldn’t be a everyday kind of palette.

Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain



This time there are two new shades; #42 Tangerine Boho and #43 Rose Folk. So if you have tried a previous shade in this range then you basically know what you are up for and both colours are very pretty but in comparison to the two palettes it wasn’t as exciting. However, interestingly enough we actually though the two were the prettiest when worn together. Weird? Maybe.

Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils 


Now, we never say no to YSL mascaras and we actually have a post including this specific mascara so if you wanted to know a bit about the actual mascara itself please do check out our previous post (we will leave a link below). The shade for spring is called Hippie Green and we were quite taken aback when we first saw it because to us, green mascara is … nearly impossible and we have never even taken interest in that area but this new release really made us want to get a GREEN mascara! We will probably never wear it but it is just too pretty to pass on, if you have not yet seen it, please quickly go to the nearest YSL counter and check it out, it really is just beautiful (might not be wearable, but still beautiful).

La Laque Couture



Once again, comes in two shades, #69 Love Pink and #70 Peace Green.


One of the prettiest recent releases of nail polishes we have seen. They can both be intensified by adding a couple more coats or if you want to just have a natural accent, then one to two coats is fine. It says that it is like ‘wearing jewels’ and that is exactly what it comes off as. Definitely one of the nicest touches you can add to your overall look without it being too overpowering. Personally if we can only choose one shade, it will probably be the Peace Green simply because it is a bit more unique but both are DIVINE.

Alright, so this is all for today, the Spring Collection has already been out for a while so many of you guys have probably already seen so do tell us which one is your favourite or if you have yet to see it please do so!! You won’t regret.

Now then, hope you guys enjoyed it and below is the mascara link as promised and a couple of our previous posts and we will see you soon.

YSL Mascara Link | YSL Mascaras

Post | Chanel | Eyes Speak Volumes Collection: Eyeshadows

Post | Le Labo | Thé Noir 29

xx Vivvy and Izzy

P.S We do not own any credits for the above images

Photo credits:

YSL Beauty

YSL Beauty Spring Look 2016




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