Chanel | Eyes Speak Volumes Collection: Eyeshadows

As avid fans of Chanel eyeshadows, we of course had to write a post on the new ‘Eyes Speak Volumes’ collection! Chanel eyeshadows have always been one of our favourite high end eyeshadows being super soft and silky and having just the right amount of pigmentation and the colours in this new collection were just to die for!

So without further ado, here are the palettes! (They are all part of the Les 4 Ombres ‘multi-effect quadra eyeshadow’.)


The first palette that caught our eye was the #264 Tissé Particulier (I mean how could you not love that blue?!?!) The lightest white color is a white gold colour and is super creamy which is perfect for the inner eye (but a little does go a long way so careful not to get too carried away!). The color on it’s right is a pale pink with gold shimmer which would work perfectly as a base. The bottom left color is actually a gorgeous mid-toned rose gold color and with a mixture of gold, silver and rose shimmer while the blue really makes the palette stand out. It is actually a lot more wearable than it looks being a midnight blue that has a almost black tone to it with very subtle blue glitters on top which would be perfect for a night time smokey eye.


The second palette, is #266 Tissé Essentiel which we thought was the most everyday wear palette for those who prefer nude shades. It’s a very versatile palette for day and night so from light to dark, the first color is a champagne gold color perfect for illuminating the inner eye corners while the second is a light coffee color with gold shimmers. The third, is a chocolate brown color which would be good for defining the outer contours of the eye with little gold shimmers. The fourth, is a cool brown which could double up as a great eyeliner for a more day wear look or work as a shadow for a more night time smokey eye.


The last palette, is the #272 Tissé Dimensions which is an assortment of colors which somehow seem to fit so well together and has more of a metallic feel to it than the others. The top left color is a pale cream gold color with a slightly colder tone to it. The top left is an absolutely DIVINE antique brassy green-gold color with small gold and silver glitter giving it a metallic feel. The bottom left is a pale rose color with subtle gold shimmer while the right is a GORGEOUS dark brownish purple color.

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Izzy & Vivvy

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