Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss

Hey guys!

So, if you guys haven’t checked it out yet, Dior has newly launched their Ultra-Gl0ss lip glosses which comes in 3 different finishes. We were just casually walking through David Jones when we saw the super cute pink display they had with all the different colors and effects and we knew we had to try them out! These lip glosses, are said to be ‘ultra-plumping’, ‘ultra-shiny’ and ‘ultra-hydrating’ and of course with the packaging, what’s not to love? (hehehe)


So these lip products come with the same brush applicator as the normal Dior lip glosses but these lip glosses were really watery when applied and did not leave a sticky feel afterwards which is great! It definitely does not stay all day though but leaves a very sheer pop of colour on your lip! They can also be applied with a matching or similar shade of ‘Dior Addict Lipstick’ for a richer and plumper look to your lips.

We can say though that it does make your lips look more three dimensional and plumper after application and are definitely ultra shiny! Our favourite of the three though would be the ‘watery’ effect which were very true to color. It was great that these were sheer so they did not give a strong pop of color like a lipstick would yet still giving enough color for a very healthy plump and soft looking lips.

Watery – #369 Tell Me Dior

The ‘sparkling’ effect though did not leave as much of an impression as although the colors were very glittery and full of shimmer, maybe there was too much shimmer in that one tube as it left glitter residues on your lips which did not feel great through the day.

Sparkling – #686 Fancy

The ‘iridescent’ finish was just lovely! It gave a very nice pearl finish with a blueish tinge in the finish. The colors in the ‘iridescent’ effect were more nude which gave it a more lady like vibe. We also found that this collection actually gave our lips the most three-dimensional feel to it!

Iridescent – #785 Diorama

That’s all for today! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and please lets us know what you feel about these new Dior Glosses!

xx Izzy & Vivvy

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