Le Labo | Rose 31

Hello everybody,

Having been in the mood to increase my perfume collection, I did a little bit of research as I wanted something that was different to the usual fragrances that I get. So with that in mind I happened to stumble across this brand which instantly just caught my attention. However before I even get to excited I needed to actually smell each scent myself and then decide because who wants to buy a bottle of perfume online and then realizing that they will probably never wear it simply because the smell is not what they had in mind.

Thus without wasting another minute, I set straight out for the nearest store that stocked the brand. Normally when it comes to buying perfume I actually take a while simply because I want to really make sure that it is the perfect scent otherwise knowing me, I will never touch it no matter how much I paid for it; however, the moment I opened this bottle I knew straight away that I was taking one home with me. ♡♡

Before we continue lets talk a little about Le Labo. Some of you might not have heard of the brand and that is completely fine as the brand only started in 2006 but within a year they have already made a solid name for themselves. The name itself means “The Lab” which I think is quite smart since each of the signature scented perfumes are all hand-mixed and it takes roughly 45 minutes to blend and create one. Afterwards, they packaged in a very simplistic bottle each then labelled with the name followed by a number which shows how many number of ingredients were involved.

Alright, lets continue with the actual perfume that I bought. Truth be told I actually went to the store looking specifically for the Rose 31 and to my surprise I actually really liked it. There were other scents that also grabbed my attention but for some reason my mind just kept wondering back to the Rose 31 and the more I smelt it, the more it grew on me. Now normally with perfumes, I prefer really crisp and fresh but sweet scents, nothing too overpowering, so this purchase was a very new experience for me simply because one spray of it can literally fill up my entire room for a good few hours.

The scent actually doesn’t contain a very strong rose smell like the name suggests, as the first thought that hits you is more of a woody scent but afterwards it is softened by a very subtle rose aroma. I think this was also another reason as to why I kept going back to this one as normally I find rose scented perfumes to be a little too strong on the senses as the rose normally overpowers everything else and personally I just end up with an enormous headache, however with this one it really wasn’t the case. But despite saying that it still is a very strongly scented perfume and it would be best for you to try it on yourself before actually considering buying one; actually I think as long as you are considering to purchase an item from Le Labo, regardless of what it may be, it is best to actually try it on yourself, just for precautions.

Alright, this is all I have for today and believe it or not, this is actually our first perfume post on this blog!!!!! There definitely will be more coming your way so please do keep an eye out for that.

Thank you for reading!! ♥♥♥

xx Vivvy and Izzy

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