Prada The Monkey Chatters

In celebration of the New Lunar Year, Prada has released an exclusive new collection dedicated to the upcoming Chinese horoscope; the monkey.

Seeing that the main theme is the new Lunar Year, it is without a doubt that this collections designs explore the colors red, black and white. Every single item released comes in a red version whereas majority comes in a black and with a few selected pieces coming in a white. This once again brings no surprise as it is well known that red is a symbolic color for the CNY.

The Monkey Chatters ranges from women’s bags, wallets, accessories and shoes; and men’s backpacks, wallets, document holders, belts and accessories: so there is definitely an item for everyone.

Personally, I am actually liking this collection quite a bit because despite it being themed to celebrate the year of the Monkey, it is still minimalistic in the sense that you can wear it daily. Now, this is just a personal opinion of mine however normally whenever they launch a range dedicated to a specific event, most of the times they tend to over do it with the designs and it may be really nice in the spur of the moment however once that festivity has passed, you sometimes do question yourself about that purchase. HOWEVER, even though it may be a nice reminder for that day/event if the item was a high-end luxury, then personally I would prefer something I can use on a daily basis or at least every now and then without reminding the world which event it was for.

Alright now onto the actual collection, I think it’ll be easier for everyone if you were to just pop onto the website and have a look (and they also have a very artistic introduction for the monkey) but that way you guys can also see which ones is your favourite.

But if you were interested in whichever items caught my eye then please do keep scrolling.

Women’s collection

I didn’t want to show too many here so I just chose one of each color, with the exception of shoes.

Men’s collection

For whites they only had the backpack but I preferred the black…

This brings the post to an end and if you haven’t, please do check out the main site which I will link below and do let us know which item(s) stood out for you.

Happy Lunar New Year

xx Vivvy and Izzy

P.S. We do not own any of the above photos.

All credits are listed below:


Prada The Money Chatters 



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