House of Holland Eyewear

HI ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we have a post on EYEWEAR!! We realised that this is actually our first post on eyewear and truth be told, we’re quite surprised by that because we absolutely love collecting sunglasses; so today we thought ok lets definitely write a post on sunnies.

After contemplating for a while we both decided that House of Holland would be the perfect starting point as it’s a brand that we both LOVE to bits. To us, the brand is quite quirky and that vibe can be seen in all of their products so if you prefer the more simplistic look then lets just say the following photos will be a very interesting sight.

Below are a few designs from House of Holland that we particularly like so please keep scrolling ❤

P.S. Normally these do come in a few colors but these were just the ones that caught our eyes.

Bottle Bottoms Neon Pink

Crowning Glory Beetle Glitter



On a Promise (this style comes in several variations but this is the one we have)

White on a Promise (example of another variation of the On a Promise)

Alright, so this is all we have for today!!!!! But if you also have a thing for House of Hollands please let us know below and tell us which is your favorite and we will see you very soon~~

xx Vivvy and Izzy

All photo credits go to:

House of Hollands Eyewear