3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli

Hello lovelies~~~~

Today’s post will be on one of our favorite brands when it comes to bags and as the title already suggests; yes it is on 3.1 Phillip Lim.

The first time either one of us actually came across this brand was online and it is safe to say that we fell in love with it instantly. Now we know that the brand focuses more on clothing however we haven’t yet really had the chance to go about that so for now, we’re just obsessing over the bags.

Out of all the different bag collections, personally we think that the Pashli collection is the most popular design and every time you look at it you just think of Phillip Lim right away and for us we actually think it’s one of their classics. Additionally, we actually both own a Pashli which is another reason as to why we love this particular style so much haha. Both of us own a Pashli Mini and it is actually the perfect size: even though it is a ‘mini’ it is able to fit our wallets perfectly (we both have a continental) and then we normally just bring a lipstick and some basic touch ups, so size wise it is absolutely spot on. But if you do prefer larger bags, the Pashli Satchel does come in three sizes so you are bound to find the perfect size for you haha.

Also, how can this collection be complete without backpacks??

P.S. I absolutely adore backpacks!!!!!

Alright that is all we have for today, now both of these designs come in a variety of colors so please do check out the website as it is just absolutely gorgeous and please do let us know which 3.1 Phillip Lim bag is your favorite and we will talk to you guys again very soon.

xx Vivvy and Izzy

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