Merry Christmas guys!

As it’s christmas, and with all the sales going on right now, we’ve decided to share with you guys, one of favourite all time online store for buying designer goods!

So, Reebonz is an online site especially for those in the Asia Pacific Region such as us in Australia who don’t have access to many luxury goods. As shopaholics, we have literally spent hours on here just browsing for great pieces to add to our collection. Although they mainly sell handbags, they also have a selection of accessories, clothes and shoes from vintage Herme and preowned Chanel pieces as well as new collections and colours of brands such as Saint Laurent, Burberry, Celine and even Kenzo!

One of the main reasons we love Reebonz so much, is the fact that they have an interest free lay by in which you can literally pay a certain amount per month until you can purchase the bag/item completely! (Which we think is really good as being uni students, we spend half of our time completely broke!)

Not only this, Reebonz always has multiple events going on where you can get great discounts on items! They also show you future events which will happen and a timeline of how long each event is going to go on for. (So in case you need to decide if you REALLY need to buy that bag now…)

Another great thing, is that shipping is free! (Who doesn’t love free shipping???!?!?!) And we’ve realised that usually within the next day after our purchase, the item has been shipped and on it’s way!

To visit the site, please click -> HERE -<

Merry xmas and happy shopping!


Izzy & Vivvy