Future | Dim. E Cres.

Hello lovelies~~~~~~

Today once again I have an outfit post. This was actually more of a spontaneous shoot as the view was just really really pretty that day and the weather was nice, I quite liked my outfit and just basically everything worked out perfectly so I thought why not. (Additionally we had the camera in the car soooooo ahhahahahha)

Alright just a brief summary of my outfit, I was wearing Future | Dim. E Cres. paired with navy Reebok | Classics and Alien Hat | Harding Lane.

To be completely honest, I had underestimated the weather as it turned out to be BOILING hot that day and there were times where I just wanted to buy the first t-shirt and shorts I saw just so that I could have out of the one piece.

So here are the photos and I hope you like it hahaha


It was really hot wearing this outfit however I’m quite satisfied with the photos.

Additionally, we actually have quite a bit planned so we really cannot wait to show you guys so please keep an eye out for that. ❤

xx Vivvy and Izzy