JimmBENNY Intensive Brightening Mask


So to let you guys in a little secret, today we actually filmed our very first VIDEO!!!!! It was quite confusing to be completely honest, but it was fun and tiring however we are very excited to see the final product.

Now seeing that this is our first video we’re basically certain that there’s going to be areas where improvements can be made so hopefully in the future we will be able to improve vastly and quickly ahahahha. So please keep an eye out for updates in regards to that =D ❤

Alright, onto the actual post. Today whilst filming a haul video, one of the product mentioned is this JimmBENNY Intensive Brightening Mask.


Neither of us have ever even heard of the brand so when we received this product we were quite shocked……and to be completely honest a bit hesitant in using it; since normally we will actually do research on an item or we are able to test it out or something. However, this was COMPLETELY new to us. So whilst filming the video, we weren’t really able to swatch it or anything so instead we tried it out after filming and we thought we’ll write a post about it instead.

Firstly, the overall texture was very thick and creamy and to be honest, if you have oily skin you’ll probably be very very VERY hesitant in putting it on your face as it is just so thick but whilst saying that, the moment you actually apply it, it’s actually not that heavy. It’s thick but different from those textures that will clog pores or seem to clog pores, its more or less just a very dense feeling which makes you feel like you’re more putting on a very thick cream onto your face. Afterwards, you leave it on for 10 minutes, rinse, and then you’re good to go, very simple.

So we followed the instructions and afterwards, to be honest, we were both quite disappointed that none of us looked any brighter ……….but if we HAD to say something positive about it then it would probably be that overall our pigmentations or redness seemed to be less visible. Now of course, that is the purpose of brightening however, compared to some other products we’ve tried in terms of brightening, the end result of this just wasn’t as evident.

We also found that it left our skin feeling softer and a lot more moisturized and plump. After doing a little bit of research, we found that it was actually part of their moisturizing whitening skincare range so it would make sense that it was somewhat hydrating to the skin. This is a plus as we usually find whitening products to be a lot more drying to the skin. We also found that it is an apparently more natural brand with most of it’s products being organic making it a lot more softer and gentler on your skin which is great for all skin types, especially for those with sensitive skin.

However, before actually giving up on the item, we are of course going to try it a few more times and hopefully we can slowly see improvement ahhaha. But if you were contemplating on buying this product, I would actually probably say that the hydrating function of this product overpowers the brightening, even though the name says otherwise so I guess that is another factor to consider.

Nevertheless, we only did try it once so it may still be too early to say yes or no but for now, this is our opinion on the product.

Hopefully this was somewhat useful and can’t wait to show you guys the videos!! ❤

xx Vivvy and Izzy

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