Too Faced Love Palette

Hi all!!!!!!!!!!~~

Today we have a little review/rave/whatever this should be called and it is about the Too Faced Love Palette. Personally, I think 2015 was definitely a very Too Faced kind of year with the sudden boom of the Chocolate Palette, Born This Way foundation and a lot of their other beautiful products (not that they weren’t already popular before).

Now we actually just purchased this palette yesterday and to be frank, the main cause of us actually buying this product was the ever so cute packaging which I think we can all agree on. But don’t get us wrong we also did a little bit of swatches at the store but it was only until we got home when we realized just how nice the colors are.

So without further ado, lets get started!! ^^~~

Just a little background information about the product, it was said that the inspiration of it came from the “Lost art of love letters” which is why all three palettes are in the shape of a love letter which I think is absolutely adorable. The three palettes all have their individual theme with the first being flirtatious neutrals “Pure Love/Pur Amour”, the second being romantic pinks “True Love/Amour Vrai” and the third being passionate emeralds “Forbidden Love/ Amour Interdit”.

The palette also comes with their signature “Glamour Guide” (which I think is just so sweet of them) with six looks, one day look and one night look for each theme which I guess can be a guide if you really wanted to try the palette out just as they had intended. Additionally it also comes with the Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner.

We haven’t been able to wear the palette yet (since we just bought it yesterday) but from what we’ve done swatches of, the shadows are definitely one of the softest ones that Too Faced has to offer and so far, with the colors we have tried, the pigmentation also isn’t too bad so I’m really hyped to give it a try especially to see if the colors go onto your eyelids well. I really hate it when sometimes you buy a palette and the colors are absolutely GORGEOUS, but when you actually use it, it just doesn’t show up on your eyes……………… so annoying ><.

Oh also, I have heard that apparently this palette was made by using an advanced slurry technology where they use liquid powder instead of the usual and apparently it is supposed to make the texture creamier and softer. And did they succeed? I would say yes, at least it’s creamier than some of the other palettes they have but like I said at the end of the day it really comes down to the lasting effect of the colors.

Now, instead of doing swatches here, we have actually decided to do a video on this palette but so far we haven’t really decided on what concept it’ll be like if it’ll be a tutorial or a review or just a December favorites we don’t know. But all we know is that we definitely will be doing a video with a palette so we really hope you guys can keep an eye out for the video and please gives us lots and lots of support when it does come out ^^. ❤

P.S. We’re still waiting for some of the equipment T.T Please come quickly~~~~~

xx Vivvy and Izzy

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