Favourite Eyeliners Part II

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This is a continuation of our favourite eyeliner post. This post will mainly feature on pencil and automatic gel liners. For more on liquid and gel liners, please –> CLICK ME <–


Koji Dolly Wink ‘Pencil Eyeliner III’


One of the best pencil liners I (Vivian) have ever used! Although it’s a pencil, it goes on more like a gel liner and is very smooth and creamy. It doesn’t dry out as fast as a lot of other pencil liners where they become kind of hard and harder to draw. The staying power of this pencil is also SOOOO good I once wore it to the amusement park and it literally stayed on ALL day and did not budge AT ALL. I’ve been using this for a few years now and it will probably always stay one of my favourites! In Sydney, I would say it is more on the expensive side although not as expensive as high end products being around $30 a pop. Although, I’ve seen in many other countries it is definitely a lot cheaper! If you’re on a budget, I would say this is a definite buy!


Chanel ‘Stylo Yeux Waterproof’



This is definitely our bring everywhere eyeliner! For those days when you need a touch up, this is easy to use, versatile for many different looks and compact. Although the staying power could be better (but with a little bit of primer everything is good!), this product definitely makes it to the top of our list as it’s very creamy, applies smoothly and just convenient! (and does NOT dry out) There is a sharpener at the end on the liner for those who want a thin line and can be easily smudged for a smokey look! We both carry the #20 Expresso and it’s a gorgeous shade of dark brown, not too dark but not too light so it gives the perfect balance for our look. This is also buildable for those days when you want a darker defined look and for those casual days, one coat is enough to just give more definition to those eyes!


3CE ‘Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner’


Before Chanel, we actually used this most of the time! Just like the Chanel, it has a twist function on one end and comes in a wide variety of colours! I (Vivian) actually have an assortment of these colours! They’re very versatile to use and great for many looks due to the many colours they come in! We would say the staying power is similar to Chanel but with a bit of primer, stays on super well! This product is quite long though which is good as there is a lot of product but at the same time, can be quite tricky to fit in smaller makeup bags! The gel dries out quite fast but the colour is pigmented and quite a smooth, creamy application! The pearlescent liners have very small shimmers in them which give a very cute clean finish and these colours can be easily smudged and used as eyeshadows!

THEFACESHOP ‘ FACEIT Waterproof Auto Liner’


Although the name of this liner says waterproof, it is definitely not waterproof! This liner, is almost the same as the3CE ‘Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner’ with less staying power. Although it has less staying power, this is perfect for those who need to run an errand for an hour or two. It’s super pigmented and colours are nice and strong! With a bit of primer, this eyeliner would last a bit longer but what got me, was the creaminess of the texture and how easy it was to get a nice dark line. I have used this eyeliner since high school and LOVED it. It’s also super cheap so definitely worth a try!

So this comes to the end of our eyeliner post! Definitely check out the first half –> HERE <– ^^

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Sasa (Koji Dolly Wink)