Favourite Eyeliners Part I

Hey guys!

Today we bring to you our favourite eyeliners! As stated by Anna Faris in the ‘House Bunny’, “The eyes are the nipples of the face.”it is more than obvious how important eyeliner is in our lives and a good one at that!

I’m pretty sure in our lives, we’ve all experienced that eyeliner that smudges all under and transfer over your eyes or just disappears entirely throughout the day! If not, then constant touchups every 30 min which is just a hassle! So, we decided to save you the hassle and create a list of our favourites that we’ve found throughout the years! (for both oily and dry eyelids) As this post will be kind of long, we have decided to separate it into two parts so it will be an easier read! This post will focus on liquid and gel liners while part two will mainly feature on pencil liners and automatic liners!

*For part II, click -> HERE <-*


Kat Von D ‘Tattoo Liner’


This product is actually sooooooo good! I can not even begin to explain how GREAT this is! The staying power is absolutely god sent! I don’t think Kat Von D has ever gone wrong for eyeliners! For someone with oily eyelids, you can’t not give this a go! It’s super thin so it’s perfect for drawing very precise lines. Being asian and having smaller lids, we find it a lot better than using a chunky pen to draw our lines so we both absolutely love this! With this, we would say, a touch up wouldn’t be necessary! (But we always bring an eyeliner with us just in case) Apart from it not budging AT ALL, it’s also very buildable and definitely won’t crumble.

Dior ‘Diorliner Precision Eyeliner’


I would definitely recommend this product for drier eyelids. I love how the product is a very dark black though. Although I (Izzy) have oilier eyelids, I find that as I only use it to line my eyes without wings, it works great but if I were to draw wings, it would start cracking and crumbling a little in the middle of the wing. However, if used on top of a gel liner or applying a dark eyeshadow on top, it works great and stays all day! (Of course, you should prime your eyelids first). I actually got this one because it has a twist at the end and the lady at Sephora told me it has great staying power. I wanted the Chanel one originally as I loved it but they stopped making it! 😦 I would say it’s great as just a really black liner if you just wanted to draw super fine lines! I use it for work everyday and have had no problem with it whatsoever!

Koji DOLLY WINK ‘Liquid Eyeliner III’


This product has actually been with me many years and still remains one of my favourites. It’s not that black which is great as sometimes, you just want a line that is less harsh. It is buildable though and the tip is quite fine but very soft. It has a more watery texture and stays quite well. Even for someone with oily eyelids, this would work great although I would still recommend a touch up after a few hours.

Leanani ‘Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner’


This is a lesser known Japanese brand and I had only discovered this around half a year ago during a late night in Chinatown but this has slowly become a favourite! I actually have the brown colour and I absolutely love it! It has great staying power and does not smudge. It is on the light side though so a few coats would probably be necessary for a stronger look. The brush is super fine being apparently 0.1mm and is actually made up of really thin bristles! The brush is super soft and it just feels great on! But then again, can you ever go wrong with a Japanese eyeliner?


Bobbi Brown ‘Long-wear Gel Eyeliner’



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