Brow Favourites

Hey guys!

As we haven’t done a beauty post in a while, we’ve decided to do one on our favourite eyebrow products!

Eyebrows are probably one of the most essential features of your face as they define our features and adds structure to our faces. So it goes without saying that even when we’re out for errands or what not, our eyebrows will always be done even if the rest of our face is makeup less! (Otherwise we probably wouldn’t be leaving the house HAHAH)

Now, we wouldn’t exactly use all these products together but this is more of a collaboration of products we use everyday depending on our mood and the event.


Chanel ‘Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil’


This is by far the most used product by us! (We both use shade #40 Brun Cendre) As we are usually the type that prefers to sleep as much as possible, this is perfect for that ‘do your makeup on the train’ kinda thing. As it has a pencil and a brush on each end, it is super convenient to carry on you everywhere! On days where we’re just going out to buy groceries or what not, this gives you a very natural ‘I naturally have nice brows’ look. Normally, we would just fill in our brows with it and blend it in with the brush on the other side. This product is also very buildable and has a nice soft creamy texture so for days when you want thicker brows, slowly adding more onto your brows will give you the perfect naturally thick look.


Anastsia Beverly Hills ‘Dipbrow Pomade’


This product is definitely our go to when we want to be just a bit more fancy and for a neater structured brow look (we both use Dark Brown). Just a warning though, a little goes a long way and this product is definitely on the thick creamy side. Usually, we would wear this when we want to look a bit more dolled up as it gives a more defined brow look. I (Izzy) usually draw this on the top and bottom of my eyebrow to make the shape I want and then fill the rest in by brushing out the gel into the hairs and toning it down a little with a eyebrow brush. This product is also great if you have sparse eyebrows as it’s great for drawing in those missing hairs, giving more defined dark brows.


Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Brow Powder Duo’


Personally, I (Izzy) don’t use this product as I’m just not a powder kinda person when it comes to my brows but Vivian LOVES it. As she has very light eyebrows, using this product over the Anastsia Beverly Hills ‘Dipbrow Pomade’ or the Chanel ‘Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil’ intensifies the brows just an extra bit. This would also be great used on it’s own as it would create a soft, natural brow that is somewhat more defined than when you would use a brow pencil.


YSL ‘Couture Brow’Couture Brow

This is a fairly new product from YSL and I (Izzy) am a big fan of brow mascaras. I think they just add a bit of extra colour and really polish the overall look. Also because they’re easy to use and carry hehehehh ^.^” Sometimes when I’m REALLY lazy I’ll just brush my eyebrows with some brow mascara and leave the house as it just gives an overall stronger but natural look to them when used on their own. Most of the time though, I will use this over the top of my other brow products such as the Anastsia Beverly Hills ‘Dipbrow Pomade’ or the Chanel ‘Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil’ as it just intensifies and neatens the look just an extra bit. The reason I really love this product is that some brow mascaras after drying, turn an ashy tint which looks really obvious and unnatural on top of your brows but this one doesn’t and creates a very natural strong brow. It’s also the perfect size as I found that with really big brushes sometimes the formula can get on your skin and it doesn’t look good!  This is also great for brushing the baby hairs around your brows and filling in those empty spots creating a thick and full look.

Note: brush lightly over the top and build up carefully as the product is quite WET.


THEFACESHOP ‘Lovely ME:EX Design My Eyebrow’


This product is great for when you’re in rush. (We both use the shade #03 Dark Brown). It’s easy to use and the brow pencil is actually in a triangular shape making it easy to adjust the angle for thick or thin brows. As this product is only around $10AUD, this is great for when you’re on a tight budget but DESPERATELY need something just to fix your brows. I would still recommend a gel though if you want something more defined but this product is great to use for days when you’re lazy or just going out to the shops. For a slightly more defined brow, draw on the top and bottom of your eyebrow or whatever eyebrow shape you want and then blend in the harsh lines with the brush on the other end. I (Izzy) actually used this product for a really long time as I actually LOVE the brush on this pencil. It’s really soft and easy to blend those harsh lines after you’ve drawn your brows.

Innisfree ‘Tinted Dual Brow’

Tinted dual brow

So this product looks a bit strange but it’s an eyebrow liner on one side and a brow mascara on the other. So for this product, you would first use the liner to fill in the gaps and draw in your eyebrows and finish off by using the eyebrow mascara on the other side. Personally I would use this on top of the THEFACESHOP ‘Lovely ME:EX Design My Eyebrow’ as it would intensify the brows for a much stronger look. However, used on it’s own, gives a soft natural look.

So, this comes to the end of our eyebrow favourites! Please feel free to share your favourites and comments down below! 🙂


Izzy & Vivvy

Images Sourced:


Anastasia Beverly Hills








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