Boy London United Boy

Hi lovelies!!!!

Today I have kind of like a look book here for you guys and I have already mentioned something about this particular post a while back when I bought the top along with a few other Boy London items which are available here –> ME <–. Personally Boy London has always been one of my favourite brands and whenever they release a new collection or just a few pieces, there will always be at least 3 or more items that I LOVE.

Recently, on Dollskill, Boy London had a collection that was under United Boy, now I don’t know if its a collaboration or if it’s just a range under that name but nonetheless I adored it from the very first second and I thought once I get my hands on these I have to share them ahahhahaa.

Now I know this post is a bit late since I did get them a while back, however I still hope you guys will enjoy it!

P.S. I’m wearing United Boy Acid Standard Top in size M




xx Vivvy


Dollskill (Boy London)