Hey guys!

Although it’s spring here in Australia, the weather’s been horribly cold lately so rather than doing a post on shoes for summer, we’ve decided to do a post on shoes for fall as it just seems to suit this temperamental weather more!

Now the main purpose of this post is just to really share with you guys what we are currently liking in terms of shoes for fall or what we think are suitable for the season at least haha.

So hope you like the items we picked and let us know what your favorite style is for the fall season!

image1xxl            image1xxl-1

ALDO                                                                       Melissa

Amelie Pichard 'Nico Flame New Santiago Low Boots'                            pop_67593_1b

Amelie Pichard                                                        Opening Ceremony


Carel                                                                            Carel

   Senso 'Nessie II'

Senso                                                                    Senso

Timberland 'Women's 6 Inch Premium Boot'   dr-martens-8103-155-1

Timberland                                                                  Dr Martens

Dr Martens '3989 Brogues'         Dr Martens 'Modern Classics 1460 Patent 8-Eye Boots'

Dr Martens                                                                Dr Martens



xx Izzy & Vivvy

Images sourced:


Opening Ceremony

The Iconic

Platypus Shoes


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