October Favourites

Hi lovelies

As October has officially ended, we’ve decided to put together some of the things we were absolutely loving in this past month!

Bright cherry lips (where it looks like you have naturally plump red lips)

My favourite lipsticks for this look are:

Chanel ‘Coco Rouge Shine’ in the shade #84 Dialogue which you can read more about here

and the

YSL ‘ Kiss and Blush’ in shade #6 Rouge Libertine. Just a few dabs will be enough color for those naturally red lips (and might I add, looks absolutely adorable on the cheeks as well but I will say that you can easily overdo this look if not careful)


Orange Lipstick

Now, personally I’m a fan of orange lips all year round but only when worn right as not all orange shades compliment each person. This month I somehow found a long lost lipstick right at the bottom of my stash of make up and lets just say that completely made my day.

YSL ‘Rouge Volupte’ in shade #15 Extreme Coral, lets just say the name really lives up to the expectations ahhaa it is quite extreme but I wouldn’t actually say it’s the brightest orange out there but if you do want statement lips in the morning or early afternoon then I think this shade is more than enough.

How can I not add a gloss in this right? So this is another item from YSL that I bought a few months back and after all these months it’s still one of my favorite even though I do wish it was a bit lighter but, can’t complain right? I mean the scent, the color and the texture (other than it being to oily) are all near perfection and with this it really can brighten up your face even though the color is quite minimal.

YSL ‘Volupte Tint in Oil’ in #1 Drive Me Copper

Rosy cheeks 

Our favourite blushes for those naturally flushed cheeks are:

Chanel ‘Joues Contraste’ in shade #99 Rose Petale and the Dior ‘Vibrant Color Powder Blush’ in shade #756 Rose Cherie. You can read more about these here

Caps with cute emoticons 

I’m especially LOVING all these cute caps I’m seeing everywhere with these cute burgers, aliens, bananas etc on them! So here are some of my favourites:


Unif ‘Banana hat’ (I just couldn’t say no cause it was a banana)


Harding Lane for OC ‘Burger Hat’

xx Izzy & Vivvy

Images sourced:

YSL Makeup


Opening Ceremony


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