Seoul Trip Preparation I

Hi guys! As you can probably tell from the title of this post, we are going to Seoul!!!! WHOWWWWW (Starts playing Big Bang ahhaha) Now, we are absolutely HYPED about this trip which is why we’ve decided to share with you our process of planning for the trips with outfits, makeup and etc. so we’ve made this into a series for you guys!

So in an attempt to surprise Vivian for her birthday, I just decided on the spot to book 2 tickets to Seoul! Originally, I was going to book the tickets the day after her birthday so on the first of July but then I realized the weather would be too hot so we are instead going in the middle of June and coming back to Sydney on her birthday. ^.^

Since we’re going for 2 and a half weeks, we decided that we needed to bring 1-2 mini shoulder bags each just so we have something to swap up for the time we are there. So, after discussing it for a day, here are the bags at the top of our list right now:

Balenciaga: Classic Hip

colour: military


I literally FELL IN LOVE with this the moment I saw it! I mean look at that color! (or maybe it’s just my obsession with the color green) It’s a good size for travelling as all you need is your wallet, your phone and probably lipstick! As our wardrobes are generally monotone, this bag would match perfectly cross body or just over the shoulder.

2.1 Phillip Lim: Pashli Mini Satchel 

              color: black/yellow/gold                        color: white peach

          mini.gold_1024x1024               pashli-mini-satchel-3fd

Can you guess who picked what? Hehe.

We’ve actually been eyeing these for SOOOOO long! *heart eyes*

So besides from my obsession with the color green, I’ve also developed a love for yellow ( I’ve been really fascinated by bananas lately.) We decided to go with the mini as this size is just perfect for travelling. I mean, how cute would it be if these bags were worn with just some black jeans or shorts and a basic tee or sweater? Cute right?

Vivian as you would probably know by now, has always and will forever choose pink as her favorite color so obviously, she could not let this bag go! Originally we were tossing up between the white peach color or the black/maroon color but she realized that if she chose the black/maroon one, she would regret never getting the white peach one SOOO much more.

Now, for the time being these are some of the bags that we thought we should bring on the trip, now there is still more than half a year till the actual trip so these bags might not make the cut however, as of right now these seem pretty damn good to us haha.

Share with us your favorite bags for traveling or if you also have one of these gorgeous bags!

xx Izzy & Vivvy

P.S. in case you guys were wondering, the surprise worked out REALLY well since the moment I told her, she was so speechless she just stood there with her mouth open for a good 30 minutes HEHE.

^ and by 30 minutes, she actually means 30 minutes, I think it took me a good hour to finally get over it and jump in joy ❤ ❤

Images sourced:

CULTSTATUS (Balenciaga)

CULTSTATUS (3.1 Phillip Lim)

Otte (3.1 Phillip Lim)


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