Makeup Haul

So, as you guys would’ve guessed from the title of this post, yes it’s a makeup haul hahaha. Since we decided to do one specifically on the new Chanel limited edition, we decided to separate the rest of our buys into this post.


So the first and only palette that Vivian and I got that was the same was the Guerlain ‘Ecrin 4 Couleurs’ in #17 Les Violines. This palette I have to say, is the prettiest matte palette I have ever laid my eyes on! All the colours are a matte or satin-matte finish and I’ve never actually found a colour exactly the same as the ones in this palette! And OMG the gold packaging was just like the icing on the cake. It got us HOOKED the moment we laid eyes on it. This Guerlain shadow is definitely on the softer side and can be built up for a more smokey look or left light for a more clean day time look. Although delicate, I have not experienced any fall out as of yet which is a good sign! I wouldn’t recommend this palette as much on a bad day as it can really wash you out due to how matte and dark the colours are.


So obviously, one palette was not enough and I ended up getting a second one as I did also want a more brown toned palette. I ended up with #19 Les Cendres which consists of 3 matte colours and one shimmery. I love putting the lightest gold champagne colour around the inner corners of my eyes especially on those ‘dead’ days and also under my eye as it really does make them brighter and pop just a little more. I would recommend only putting a little bit of it on as the shimmer in this colour is quite intense. Again, this palette is very soft so it can definitely be built up for a more smokey look although I would say the colours on this palette are a lot lighter than #17 and overall, this palette gives a brighter look.


So, I was really in need of a new coral eyeshadow palette that I can take with me on the go. And I found the PERFECT one at Chanel. As my complexion has become brighter and rosier, I thought it was time for me to invest in a new coral palette. So i ended up getting the Chanel ‘Les 4 Ombres’ pallette in #202 Tisse Vendome. The colors are so cute and perfect for spring/summer! I use the darkest brown as a eyeliner and the burnt orange looking color which is actually a medium coral orange all over my lids and again, the lightest coral which is actually more shimmer than actual colour, on the inner corner of my eyes as well as under.


Vivian decided to look at palettes at Dior and fell in love with the CUTEST palette ever!!! It was literally love at first sight for her! So the palette she got, is the Dior ‘5 Couleurs Designer’ in #808 Purple Design. This is like a shimmery version of the Guerlain #17 Les Violines but more easier to wear as it definitely would not wash you out with the amount of shimmer in these shadows! However, you can easily go overboard with the shimmer so building it up slowly would be a good idea! The colours are also really wearable individually as block colours!



I’ve also been looking for a nice cherry kind of just there, natural and fresh lip colour lately so i ended up with the Chanel ‘Coco Rouge Shine’ in the shade #84 Dialogue and it’s a very sheer lipstick and you can feel it from the texture. As my complexion has gotten rosier, but my lips are always very colourless, I just dab on a bit and it makes me look like I have naturally red lips!


I also ended up getting the Giorgio Armani ‘Ecstasy Lacquer’ in shade #400 Four Hundred. This for me works like a tint but it’s better than any tint I’ve ever tried! It has a more watery than sticky texture which I really like. It’s not really drying unlike a lot of tints that I’ve tried! The colour looks more pinky/berry red in the tube but once applied on, I would say it’s more of a berry red than the Chanel one I got but definitely more red than berry!



So the last thing we got were blushes. I decided to get two; one from Chanel and one from Dior.

The Chanel blush I would say, is my FAVOURITE blush. I got the Chanel ‘Joues Contraste’ in shade #99 Rose Petale. It’s a very light rosy and shimmery blush and it’s so light that after you apply it, you just kind of forget about it! It’s not oily at all and it gives your face a natural flush complexion!


The second Dior blush I got, was the Dior ‘Vibrant Color Powder Blush’ in shade #556 Amber Show. I always had a thing for orangey blushes so when I laid my eyes on it, I knew I had to have it! It’s a beautiful medium toned coral orange that gives you a kind of healthy sun kissed glow. Even though it has a tiny bit of shimmer to it, it’s not visible at all once applied to cheeks!


The blush that Vivian got, is the Dior ‘Vibrant Color Powder Blush’ in shade #756 Rose Cherie. This is a very light peachy pink colour and although there is a bit of shimmer in it, can not be seen once applied to the cheeks! It gives a little bit of a natural glow to your cheeks.


So that just about sums up our latest haul! Comment and share your views and products with us!

xx Izzy

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Giorgio Armani Beauty


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